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August 25, 2008

Or maybe, coinki-kink?

So I love me some Solange. Homegirl is all types of batshit, bowlegged, Creole ka-ray-zaaay! Plus she’s got some unsettling obsession with goofy green screen technology that make my eyes feel barfy. Here’s new video, “Sandcastle Disco.” It’s like Diana Ross hosted Sesame Street and made everybody take ‘shrooms.

Plus it’s got similar drums to this…which I enjoy…

To me, it’s just a little too similar to this foolishness below which is basically every social worker’s nightmare. We’ve got Wacko Jacko, Dr. Doolittle and the Harlem Boys Choir skipping as CGI hearts fly around in their too-90s video, “What’s Up With You?” I’m expecting Roger Rabbit to waddle out with a cock ring any minute.

What’s up with you, indeed.


Guest Blogger: Lady Half-Breed

August 30, 2007


Allo, allo, allo.

So who’s a lazy ho? …I’m a lazy ho.

I’ve had a whirlwind schedule lately, what with picking my nose and wiping the goobers on my wall after sharecropping all day. So my partner in all things fool is going to pitch in with her takes on life’s little foibles.

Presenting Lady Half-Breed!!

A few things:

 Lady Half-Breed’s mother is Kansas while her dad is from the Congo.

…Which brings us to point number 2: Lady Half-Breed is a tragic mulatto.

Homegirl is blogging from Detroit. Big up the midwest. Woop woop.

Remember all those posts when I was puking Sparks outside some starlet’s release party in NYC’s MPD? She had everything to do with that.

Her acid tongue sometimes makes me blush. So her writing will likely make your head explode. With goodness.

Have fucking fun!

That Bitch Done Got The Crazy: Andre Leon Talley

July 10, 2007


Andre Leon Talley was once quoted as saying, on his role at Vogue, “someone’s got to keep the children from looking like jigaboos in the magazine.”

Ahem. Each one teach one. What happened to his responsibilities to the community? THE COMMUNITY!! If J-hud don’t look like a Thai jigaboo in that pic then I just don’t know. They’re both playing games. Somebody need to go cut me a switch.

YBF keeps my pic jacking game tight:

That Bitch Done Got The Crazy: N*gga Bullshit

May 14, 2007


Apparently the negro hipster community has voiced concern over my use of certain language (aka hating on my shiny ass because they’re porch monkeys in skinny jeans). One such negro approached me on AIM recently on the issue:

Afrikabamhaytah: We need to talk about your new expression
Afrikabamhaytah: me and the color contingency of Williamsburg
Afrikabamhaytah: decided that you can no longer use the phrase “cotton picking” in any neighborhood that ends w/ burg
Afrikabamhaytah: or contains a significant amount of white people


“I Was There” Files: Loserville

May 1, 2007


So, you may have noticed Conny’s been a wee bit derelict with the blogging. May I just say, that I have an excuse: I’m a lame-o. I think that should clear things up.


That Bitch Done Got The Crazy: Alexyss Tylor

April 24, 2007

Oh my god. I had been getting this video from mad random mo’fuckas (for whatever reason, err’body thought about me while watching this…) and chile, praise him that I finally buckled down and gave this a looksee. PRAISE HIM!!


That Bitch Done Got The Crazy: Beth Ditto

April 22, 2007


Yeah, I’m starting new category because it so real in these streets and these bitches need their own clickable category where I can make excessive foolishness easily available.


That Bitch Done Got The Crazy

February 17, 2007

In Captain Obvious news, Britney’s Spears is a wackjob.


She shaved her head in response to “a tragic event” which is probably the loss of her favorite crackpipe.