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Musical Crack: Peter Hadar

August 15, 2008

I didn’t want to, but I like Peter Hadar. He is actually worth the hype. He sounds like Dwele – let’s not pretend otherwise. And its cool to see one of those downtown guys with meat. He looks like a lumberjack with an MPC. 


Although sometimes he seems too old to be dressing like he got up on the fucked up side of the Crayola box.

Planets, Painted, Purple Pill and Sleeping Pills will flare your nostrils.


A Little Bit.

August 6, 2008


Sweden is for girls who look like cokey versions of the original Becky from Roseanne. So let’s welcome Lykke Li! She’s the Scandavian answer to Feist, with a healthy sprinkle of “um…ok” from the WTF Fairy.

I’m lovin’ it

You Can Find Me In The Club…

April 7, 2008

Or here:

This is my new column on GiantStep called The Resident. They have people with sticks who prod me into updating in a timely fashion so I’m less derelict here. Music, nightlife, goats, everything your heart desires…

Just Jack

September 19, 2007


Hey party people,

 You know who’s late? Conny is late. Conny’s black ass is mu’fuckin’ late. Just Jack’s album has been sittin’ on my nightstand under a stack of lesser over hyped albums (The adorable but “whatever”-esque Noisettes come to mind).


“I Was There” Files: Cool Kids @ Hiro

September 14, 2007


Here’s the thing. I love and hate Hiro. It’s a great concept: Take an upscale meatpacking bar and turn it over the most fabulous hipsters in the city who stand outside scowling and pretending they have real jobs while some instantly hot new dj collective spins the same medley of Daft Punk-Spank Rock-NWA randomness to a crowd soused with $4 Sparks. I mean, that’s what dreams are made of, no? No, is right.


Musical Crack: Van Hunt

August 12, 2007



There are only a few things that stop me from jumping in front the A train at Nostrand Ave and offing myself. Next to the possibility of shisha, the possibility of sex and the rowdy almost intolerable possibility of sexing and shisha-ing simultaneously, is the possibility of a new Van Hunt album.


New Play Husband: Calvin Harris

August 12, 2007


Calvin Harris is the definition of “fuckin’ right”! Meaningless, tinny electro is all the rage these days and you can’t go to a party sponsored by some clothing company you’ve never heard of and not hear a trio of overbilled DJs biting Flock Of Seagulls and calling it “new wave.” Bastardos.


Musical Crack: Roots, Rock, Remixed

August 11, 2007

lowrescoverartrgb.jpgI got this new Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Roots, Rock, Remixed album a while ago and basically didn’t believe it at first. Usually when I hear an album there’s a lot of, “that was garbage, that track was less a waste of time than the first but way more gaytarded than track three and track three is for foolheaded wankers.” But this jawn is a whole of lot fucking good. It’s a twelve track collection of Marley era jump-offs (mostly when Bob was fronting the Wailers and Peter Tosh was off being a problem negro) that’s been re-worked by a lot of downtempo electronica beatmeisters and includes revamps by Fort Knox and Cordovan.