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Musical Crack: Dude N Nem

July 27, 2007


Sigh. Dude N Nem…ok I can do this…Dude N Nem is this new group out the Chi with this rowdy tune called “Watch My Feet.” (I mean, why even try when it comes to band names these days. Why not just call yourselves Wangs and Thangs and make a songs about Honey Mustard versus BBQ sauce for dunkin’ yo chicken nuggets? Why do I feel like I just described a song that’s gonna make 106 and Park next week…)



Get The Feeling…

July 26, 2007


Usually I don’t fucks with R&B. I don’t know why it exists today, I don’t know where these children find this powerful crack rock but I can’t take too much of it. But the bump on this new track by Timbaland acolytes The Dey is powerful sexy. It’s definitely the typical Timbo electro bass booty beat with somebody’s average-ass vocals but the shit is catchy, mang! CATCH-EE! Watchu thank?

The Dey “Get The Feeling”

The opening isn’t stellar but eventually you realize it really works. And aren’t they some fabulous little splaboos…

Chillun You Oughta Know: Miss Nana and Rasheeda

July 26, 2007


You know how spotting a non-crackity female MC these days is like seeing a dinosaur riding a unicorn and smoking rock with a dodo bird? I mean Foxy Brown’s all out her cotton-pickin’ mind (I saw homegirl on Atlantic ave with 12 lbs of ratty weave and she’s either a closeted marsupial or up the duff she needs to let out a hot ball of fire), Eve is teetering on tranny-queen territory with her airy rhymes and niptucked look, and Lil’ Kim is…jesus…we just gon’ stay prayed up for that one.


Ayo Technology

July 19, 2007


So 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake did a song together entitled “Ayo Technology” off the half-dollar’s upcoming album, Curtis. Normally that sentence would end with, “so the fuck what?” But they sampled video game chirps and such which makes it notable in my opinion.

Obviously, I need to get out more.

Here it is, though. You know, saw your light on and thought you might like to know:

In related news, 50’s still a gaywad and JT is still a thoroughbred wigger but good to see communities coming together for the sake of…money.

Doesn’t 50 look so, *giggle* manly? *giggle* Like he’s all about *double giggle* men?

Music I Shouldn’t Like: Yung Joc, Soulja Boy

July 11, 2007

This post could very easily be called, “Music I Shouldn’t Like: Every Festering Turd Infecting Terrestrial Radio” but let’s not be so obtuse when our articulating our apprehensions about contemporary music.


The Williamsburg Swerve

May 25, 2007

Yoooo…wait, hold up. Yooooo….Ok, see I thought Jay and Fab were the epitome of falling off in the ’07. But some children sent over this grimey lil’ banga that made me remember I’m black. OMG, I had tooootally like, completely forgotten that I was colored and that us coloreds like hip hop. Tubular! I’ve been all two-steppin’ to Erol Alkan and Justice and other malnourished losers signed to VICE Records but now, I may just cut that shit out. For a couple hours anyway.


Last Night…

May 1, 2007


Lil’ Kim, Conny’s Patron Saint of Foolishness, has blessed the remix of Diddy’s rambunctious single, “Last Night.” Of course I like it because they jacked the shit out of Prince. I mean just reached in his whole asshole and dug out that “Erotic City” beat. Should I be pissed that they’re waving the Prince flag like they crafted it or just be happy some tried and true shit is making the airwaves? Actually, nobody’s sending Conny’s black ass any royalties of this shit so fuck the lot of ’em.


Music I Shouldn’t Like: Lloyd + Diddy

March 20, 2007


Man I was dreading the bejeesus outta making this post. I’m not one for giving props where props are due so much as I’m about throwing shade on derelict coloreds. Eh, once won’t hurt me…or will it?



Music I Shouldn’t Like: Rich Boy

February 12, 2007


To be fair, this is music nobody should like. This monkey-lipped motherfucker doesn’t talk about anything in particular and at first I resisted his country-fried charms with aplomb (actually I vacillated between indifference and disgust but let’s not get into semantic hairsplitting).


Music I Shouldn’t Like: The Pack

February 8, 2007


Conny’s trying to catch a case. These little negroes The Pack are sooooooo ninth grade. They’re little skateboarder hip hop punks with dreads and fronts. Pretty much doing everything  bad teenagers do ever.