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Lucid Dreamer Returns

July 24, 2007


You know how your love life is gaytarded? Luci Lu has got some flava to help combat those ice-cold sheets or turn your walk of shames into walk of fames. Holla!

Dear Lucid Dreamer,

Before I was this big ho. I mean, a pulse and place and I was ready to go. But recently, for no reason, I’m not interested in arbitrarily humpin’ around. What happened? Did I catch the ghey? Does sluttiness expire? Help!!!

– Reluctantly Behaving Myself



Lucid Dreamer Loves You

May 24, 2007


Hey gang! Many of you may know that when it comes to her love life, Conny is either a hot ass or a hot ass mess. So I ain’t got no bizzyness tellin’ naan y’all how to keep him at home, work the middle or get the spice back into the bedroom. I’m pretty good at anonymous make-out sessions and late-night text message wars but otherwise, you got me. (My girls, beautiful and racially ambiguous potential video-ho-esque they may be, are no better. Check out my girl Rehes’ perspective on why boys are poo!)

However, one of Conny’s friends does have his cotton pickin’ head on straight and he’ll be contributing as a love and relationship expert (by expert I mean, he doesn’t have any baby mamas or the gay cancer so I guess he’s alright). Children, bend over and receive Lucid Dreamer as he dishes on fool ass scenarios that Conny “readers” (some of them are clearly just me trying to get my life together) send over.

Dig in!