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Who Wants Epilepsy!!!

August 3, 2007

So M.I.A. went off on those ‘mos over at Pitchfork. She was basically like, “fuck Diplo, that rowdy paleskin’ ain’t make me! He ain’t no Berry to my Diana, no Irv Gotti to my Ashanti, no peanut butter to my mothafunkin’ jelly!! I did this album with me!! And some other people, including Diplo, but NOT Diplo!!”



“You Ignant Fuckwad!”: A Conversation With Little Marvin

June 3, 2007


Hellooooooo children! I’s got something special for you!!! Introducing another crazy negro, Little Marvin!!!

Recently I sat down with ( by “sat down with” I mean “emailed questions to”…bless the MySpace) NY comic and all-American phool,

Little Marvin.  I caught wind of his comedy a while back and stalked him like a nutbar for a few weeks. When I convinced him that

answering a couple questions would be way less messy than that whole restraining-order dealie, he sent over these answers. Enjoy!

1) Why are you so funny? You got a cocaine problem or something?

A: Cocaine problem? Oxymoron. Anyway, it’s medical cocaine. Legal.

2) How did all this foolishness (I guess you’d call it comedy) start?

A: I suppose 3 things contributed to what the world is modestly deeming my ‘comic brilliance’:

1) I was conceived while my parent’s were watching Eddie Murphy’s ‘Raw’. My dad assumed my mom was laughing at the movie.
2) I had few friends growing up, so I spent a good portion of my early life in an imaginary world of my own making: I could fly. Everyone was made of marshmallow. The Holocaust happened. What a kid can’t dream up, huh?
3) This is very difficult for me to talk about but…I was molested by 80s comedian Gallagher as a child. He lured me with smashed watermelons. Which was both racist, and a great prop bit. I learned a lot that summer.