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August 25, 2008

Or maybe, coinki-kink?

So I love me some Solange. Homegirl is all types of batshit, bowlegged, Creole ka-ray-zaaay! Plus she’s got some unsettling obsession with goofy green screen technology that make my eyes feel barfy. Here’s new video, “Sandcastle Disco.” It’s like Diana Ross hosted Sesame Street and made everybody take ‘shrooms.

Plus it’s got similar drums to this…which I enjoy…

To me, it’s just a little too similar to this foolishness below which is basically every social worker’s nightmare. We’ve got Wacko Jacko, Dr. Doolittle and the Harlem Boys Choir skipping as CGI hearts fly around in their too-90s video, “What’s Up With You?” I’m expecting Roger Rabbit to waddle out with a cock ring any minute.

What’s up with you, indeed.


Stuck On…Poo

August 21, 2008

I want to like this. Goodness, I want to like this beat ass record by Nikka Costa but it’s depressingly trite. Boogie woogie piano and playground lyrics about luv are just hitting my ear like the scourge of so many spurned toilets.

Here’s Nikka Costa’s “Stuck On You” aka “The Lights Are About To Be Shut Off”

Can we please go back to this?

Girl, you were good at biting Janis Joplin. Just pick a past and live with it!

Gee Willikers!

You Know That Ho Was There Too…

August 16, 2008

Who is Cazwell?

Musical Wack: Nola Darling

August 15, 2008

 Nola Darling. This is what happens when you have pussy. These girls are so extra untalented. They got a cute name, bubble behinds, long but still natural hair and lip gloss. So that means they got men willing to give up studio expertise for just a peek at the poon.

They do scratchy, tuneless ragga mixed with electro (because that’s the only thing anyone ever does!!!! GAAAAAHHH!!) with the grace of a paraplegic orgy. And they’re Haitian which is ok as long they can pass for Puerto Rican.

I just hate overhypeness.

You’ve been warned.

Musical Crack: Peter Hadar

August 15, 2008

I didn’t want to, but I like Peter Hadar. He is actually worth the hype. He sounds like Dwele – let’s not pretend otherwise. And its cool to see one of those downtown guys with meat. He looks like a lumberjack with an MPC. 


Although sometimes he seems too old to be dressing like he got up on the fucked up side of the Crayola box.

Planets, Painted, Purple Pill and Sleeping Pills will flare your nostrils.

You Can Find Me In The Club…

April 7, 2008

Or here:

This is my new column on GiantStep called The Resident. They have people with sticks who prod me into updating in a timely fashion so I’m less derelict here. Music, nightlife, goats, everything your heart desires…

“I Was There” Files: Chemical Brothers @ Hammerstein Ballroom

September 27, 2007


So, I’m gonna get real. I like The Chemical Brothers. I like Fatboy Slim, Bassment Jaxx and all those other big beat acts that made instrumental music to play in the background of 90’s scripted dramas that ran on MTV for one season.


Lady Halfbreed “Was There” Too.

September 22, 2007


The midwest has some lovely qualities to it. For one, you can actually see the stars at night. People are generally more down-to-earth and thankfully, a great deal less selfish. Oh and most importantly, summer in the city doesn’t smell like yesterday’s vomit. But I guess that where the fun ends.

Under the “this shit sucks list”, well, it’s the midwest. No tour ever really stops here. Chicago maybe, but lest you forget Detroit is the bastard child of the entire country. We’re on the same caliber as Balitmore, just slightly less hood, so I’m forced to wait for months upon months for a band that I am remotely interested in to grace us with their presence. That or drive the 6 hours it takes to get to Chi-Town. Either way, my response is boo.

Thankfully, Bonde Do Role came thru this past Thursday and let’s be honest, I might as well have been a pre-pubescent teenager at an Akon concert. I completely lost my mind.  


Just Jack

September 19, 2007


Hey party people,

 You know who’s late? Conny is late. Conny’s black ass is mu’fuckin’ late. Just Jack’s album has been sittin’ on my nightstand under a stack of lesser over hyped albums (The adorable but “whatever”-esque Noisettes come to mind).


Live Blog: Down and Derby @ Studio B

September 16, 2007


I just want to say that thanks to my fancy grown people phone, I’m blogging live from Down and Derby at Studio B. Can I just say that the fact that I have time to blog from a party is fucking depressing.

I’m in line in a hot ass room with a bunch of American Apparel-clad bk, dick riders(myself included as I definitely bought spangled, gold hot pants specifically for the event.I’m a dorkus porkus).

I’ve blogged drunk before but this is like blogging from a coffin. Shit is mad hot and stupid…I kinda forgot why I’m here. Last time I came it was chill and rowdy and a bunch of cool kids looking for a drunken, rollicking roll around the block. But now, the shit is all corporate with sponsorship from URB, AA and other muhfuckas. I do see a boy who’s dressed absolutely perfectly in a leisure pants and a tight, patterned button-down unbuttoned down to there…

Either way, the music is whatever, I can’t believe I bought into this poser consumerism and making money sucks because you become so out of touch that you think things like a roller derby at a club can retain it’s luster after the first go around.

How sad that is.

UPDATE: It wasn’t that fucking bad.

People are on blast here