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A Little Bit.

August 6, 2008


Sweden is for girls who look like cokey versions of the original Becky from Roseanne. So let’s welcome Lykke Li! She’s the Scandavian answer to Feist, with a healthy sprinkle of “um…ok” from the WTF Fairy.

I’m lovin’ it


Just Jack

September 19, 2007


Hey party people,

 You know who’s late? Conny is late. Conny’s black ass is mu’fuckin’ late. Just Jack’s album has been sittin’ on my nightstand under a stack of lesser over hyped albums (The adorable but “whatever”-esque Noisettes come to mind).


“I Was There” Files: Macy Gray @ Webster Hall

September 14, 2007


Hey Chickenheads,

 It’s your lover calling. Don’t you just love you some Lady Half-Breed? Doesn’t she make coked-out hipster foolery just seem a little…cuddly? If only her splaboo-ass would make it back to the real world (what the fuck is the Midwest?) we’d all be dandy.


Musical Crack: Van Hunt

August 12, 2007



There are only a few things that stop me from jumping in front the A train at Nostrand Ave and offing myself. Next to the possibility of shisha, the possibility of sex and the rowdy almost intolerable possibility of sexing and shisha-ing simultaneously, is the possibility of a new Van Hunt album.