Musical Wack: Nola Darling

 Nola Darling. This is what happens when you have pussy. These girls are so extra untalented. They got a cute name, bubble behinds, long but still natural hair and lip gloss. So that means they got men willing to give up studio expertise for just a peek at the poon.

They do scratchy, tuneless ragga mixed with electro (because that’s the only thing anyone ever does!!!! GAAAAAHHH!!) with the grace of a paraplegic orgy. And they’re Haitian which is ok as long they can pass for Puerto Rican.

I just hate overhypeness.

You’ve been warned.


6 Responses to “Musical Wack: Nola Darling”

  1. Vee Says:

    Haters Never Prosper!

    You are definitely a hater of women – “Pussy?” “Bubble behinds, long but still natural hair and lip gloss?” When goes a woman stop being a “girl”, to a angry Sexist like you? I’d call you a Racist but you’re not even that high on the food chain. What did your Mother do to you to make you so hateful toward women? Need a girlfriend? Got milk?

    How is it that these two untalented “girl”, graduated with honors from the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University?? What school did you graduate from and what have you ever done in life …. never mind. I realize that your claim to fame, it’s hiding out on the web wishing you had “Bubble behinds, long but still natural hair and lip gloss” Maybe a pussy, too! It’s okay baby, Haters Never Prospers, however the Internet does give them a place to spew their sophomoric blather.

  2. Vee Says:

    DANG!!! After I submitted my comment I checked out this blog and discovered, this site is really a joke kinda like a poor mans National Lampoon….. sorry for being offended, I didn’t get the joke! Yikes…. I’m sorry for taking this Blog seriously.

  3. connykate Says:

    Why so serious?

    Who didn’t graduate from NYU?

    To answer your questions, I went to an Ivy League – no need to shout it out, as you probably couldn’t even spell it.What I do during the day is also none of your business because you haven’t mentioned what you do besides get your knickers in a twist.

    I hate women because I talk about their bodies? Should I have used “rotund buttocks?” Fuck outta here. Doesn’t change the fact that they are wicked untalented and are only getting on because of their looks.

    I don’t know what this “hiding out in the web” business is because aren’t you here, too?

    You must be in the group because you know too much about them. Their cadence is all over the place, their delivery is largely flat.

    You can disagree with my comments but don’t judge me personally, come on now. You look silly.

    And Vee I feel like you’ve done this before. Are you reading this blog on the regular?

  4. connykate Says:

    So, you spoke before you knew what you were talking about. Sorry, indeed.

    Crackheads these days…

  5. Sound of Mind Says:

    Conny….I usually agree with you all the way…but on this, I’ve got to speak.

    Have you ever seen these ladies perform?! They are MONSTER entertainers!

    I can understand if you don’t like their music….not everything is for everybody…BUT these ladies are truly talented. I’ve seen them perform 3 times now ( 3 times i went to check out somebody else on the bill…and was more than pleasantly surprised to see them rock)

    YES…they REALLY sing..and
    YES they REALLY rap.
    YES they do both REALLY WELL!

    hey have MAAAAAD energy, undeniable presence, and mic control. You need to check them out live and see for yourself. They offer something very unique in their performance style.

    PLEASE Don’t hate on them because they happen to be pretty! I know its hard to believe they can be pretty AND female rapper/singers too…but alas…it’s true.

    I still love your blog, connykate….but don’t hate on Nola Darling….we need them in the game!

    Nuff respect

  6. Lydia Rentchler Says:

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