Arses, The Lot Of You!

Casting Call - Girl 1 

So lately I’ve been spending a lot of time being edgy. I mean, that’s kind of a complete lie, but I want to make this next rant a bit more picturesque. So, during my recent edgy exploits, I’ve been hanging with a lot of underground, indie, hipster-hop, exclusive tastemaker type jump-offs. Scenester 30 year-olds in day-glo windbreakers who have health plans and end up looking ridiculous bouncing to Plastic Little at Hiro Ballroom. Just sadness.

One thing that is endlessly depressing is that even in these allegedly alternative worlds the standard of beauty is as rigid as as any Tom Ford-endorsed runway. If you look at the hot girls on Complex’s website, there’s M.I.A. and Kelis thrown in for good measure but from Selita Ebanks to Paula Patton, even the nerdy blipsters and wiggers only want skinny cafe-au-lait.

Shit is lame, man. For the most part, the guys who hit on me are FUCKING WEIRD!! Like, so goddamned weird; it’s uncalled for! Lines like, “yeah, girl, you look like you took a shower this morning,” is not…it’s not working. But it’s like, I meet these indie children (for whatever reason I’ve been meeting a lot of sceney boys) and no matter what they look like or are into, they all want to the same girl. Like a 4ft 5 child with oversized glasses who owns a brand called something wanksteresque like “Hot Shit International” and his friend who wears plaid, rides a vintage Schwinn and calls himself “a designer,” will both look at Kim Kardashian ‘tombout, “yeah, that’s that s___  right there.”

 It’s like I expect that shit from wanna be rappers who read Murder Dog but not these pretentious fugnasty fools who only want one type of girl. I really feel like, my curves, dark skin and natural hair is accepted in theory, but when it comes to picking the hottest girl in the room, she’s never gonna look like me. It’s like if I dropped 30 pounds, grew my hair out and still was as intelligent, sweet, cool and ambitious, I still would not be considered as hot as some pasty, pouty cokehead with no job and VD.

I don’t know  man, shit it irritating. Just thought I’d share.


2 Responses to “Arses, The Lot Of You!”

  1. J.D Says:

    U rock

  2. connykate Says:

    Are you single?

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