Here’s The Deal


Recently, my sister asked me a very stupid question:

Sistah Enwird: would you watch “The Price is Right” if Dave Chappelle was the host?

Conny: I’d watch a bag of turd rolls if Dave Chappelle was the host
Sistah Enwird: lmao
Sistah Enwird: @ first I was like “turn rolling down the stree”
Sistah Enwird: *street
Conny: I’d watch that too
Conny: I watch a bunch of talking pies
Sistah Enwird: LMAO
Sistah Enwird: that would be funny anyway
Conny: I watch someone drink Drano in their coffee
Conny: I’d watch a gymnast get an atomic wedgie
Sistah Enwird: oh you are dark
Conny: there’s a lot of things I’d watch if Chappelle was hosting
Sistah Enwird: I get it
Conny: I’d watch a monkey touch himself if Dave Chappelle was hosting
Conny: I’d watch a retrospective on English crumpets if Chappelle was the MC
Conny: I’d watch a bunch of seniors soil themselves
Conny: I’d watch a pineapple do nothing for 18 hours
Sistah Enwird: N*GGA ENOUGH I GET IT!
Sistah Enwird: lol
Sistah Enwird: you’d watcha  jar of mayo for 30 mins
Conny: I’d watch Ren and Stimpy
Sistah Enwird: you would anyway
Conny: the point is Chappelle needs to come back
Sistah Enwird: I got it

Just wanted to get that off my chest.


3 Responses to “Here’s The Deal”

  1. seshat Says:


  2. Big Homie Says:

    Funny convo..lmao. I sure as hell would watch the Price is Right if Dave hosted. Classic.

  3. connykate Says:

    I know, right!! I saw his ass with a skateboard in the village the other day like he was some 13 year old deliquent.

    I’m like, you’re careening towards 40 and you’re worth millions of friggin’ dollars. Get it together, put down the pipe and get back to ticklin’ our funnybones.

    Crazy ho.

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