Lady Halfbreed “Was There” Too.


The midwest has some lovely qualities to it. For one, you can actually see the stars at night. People are generally more down-to-earth and thankfully, a great deal less selfish. Oh and most importantly, summer in the city doesn’t smell like yesterday’s vomit. But I guess that where the fun ends.

Under the “this shit sucks list”, well, it’s the midwest. No tour ever really stops here. Chicago maybe, but lest you forget Detroit is the bastard child of the entire country. We’re on the same caliber as Balitmore, just slightly less hood, so I’m forced to wait for months upon months for a band that I am remotely interested in to grace us with their presence. That or drive the 6 hours it takes to get to Chi-Town. Either way, my response is boo.

Thankfully, Bonde Do Role came thru this past Thursday and let’s be honest, I might as well have been a pre-pubescent teenager at an Akon concert. I completely lost my mind.  

Starved for good music, I didn’t mind that this was some magazine launch party that was actually charging a cover at the door and not providing free drinks. $15 and a $6 Sparks, can you imagine? I guess it didn’t really matter cause I was faded from the minute I walked in the door. Let’s rewind a bit.

7pm and I’m at the crib getting ready. My hair isn’t doing what I want it to, which means it’s time for a cut (this short hair business is exhausting) and I’m getting a call every 20 minutes from someone else whose bailing. I start drinking.

8pm and I’m prepared to go it alone, but thankfully my favorite homo (who we’ll call Hottie McGayGay) was still on board. From the moment I got there, Hottie was blabbing something about going to the gay bar to meet Puck, this tragic mess of a 40 year old. I seemed to remember Puck having the personality of a lint roller. So I drank more.

10pm Cut to 3 Sparks, 4 shots of whiskey, 2 Cherry Bombs (upon some queens recommendation), 3 beers later and we were on our way. I think I felt my liver moan.

10:30 We arrived and begrudgingly paid the $15 cover. I opted for a beer (not like I needed one) because I will never pay $6 for a goddamn Sparks. It’s just principal.

11pm: The opening act appeared. He was this dude named Juiceboxxx, a rapper/producer (isn’t everyone nowadays?) from Wisconsin. Apparently, he’s gaining quite the notereity because of his collabos with acts like Spank Rock and Japanther but aside from his high punk rock style energy, I was less than impressed. On the bright side, something about a scrawny white boy trying to spit on a mic sobers me right up.

12AM: By the time Bonde Do Role was ready to come on, my buzz had faded and I was growing irritated with the crowd, most of which had moved downstairs to see some local band play instead. What was left was about 30 people, half of which were hanging by the bar, more than 20 feet away from the stage. Whatever. All I have to say is God Bless Bonde Do Role for bringing the party because within minutes of them hitting the stage, the entire crowd was worked up into such a dance frenzy I think I felt the floor move.

To top that off, mid-way through their set I was even invited on stage (for whatever reason) to sing a bit of “Caldinho Knorr” with them, ending the song with cheek kisses and dancing my way back down to the floor. I must admit, that alone was worth my $15.

When it was all said and done, it was a fabulous night. Now if I can convince more bands to make it out to the mitten state. Otherwise, you may find me missing Williamsburg a little sooner than expected.


Lady Half-Breed


2 Responses to “Lady Halfbreed “Was There” Too.”

  1. connykate Says:


    You got to kiss Marina Vello on the cheek? If this was Williamsburg you’d be calling her your friend and sending messages on Myspace about inside jokes that even she doesn’t understand!!

    Bless you!!

  2. Lady Half-Breed Says:

    hahahahahahaha, i was a click of the mouse away!

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