Just Jack


Hey party people,

 You know who’s late? Conny is late. Conny’s black ass is mu’fuckin’ late. Just Jack’s album has been sittin’ on my nightstand under a stack of lesser over hyped albums (The adorable but “whatever”-esque Noisettes come to mind).

 But I’m listening as I type and I’m so ridin’ Just Jack’s…you know… It’s feathery, melodic, I guess…um electro? I don’t know, what type of music that Royksopp makes pretend Royksopp has a pulse. 

And can we talk about how I really thought Just Jack was a group even though the name is…you know…

Bless him though, songs like “Writer’s Block” and “No Time” are killin’ em in the streets!! Of course, the streets we speak of are littered with hipster puke and sound like varieties of English bowler hats (doesn’t Ludlow or Stanton sound like smart chapeau to tip to keen young maidens?).

Anyway, I ‘spect you all want to holla at him yourself and I’m here to make the linking magic happen.


Um, one thing though…doesn’t he look like a villainous DJ in a b-movie about how in the future we’ll all be ravers? Conny just sayin’…


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