“I Was There” Files: Bobbito @ Private Park


It was a Monday night so I did my usual dance to Hudson Hotel to take in the latest Giant Step DJ event which was Bobbito spinning sets of my absolute favorite muh’fuckin’ music.

I came out around 8:30, 9 straight from work and to be honest, I felt a bit cracky. Everyone was in their splaboo finery- all mid-century, taffeta recreations straight from the H&M with done up Afroes and gilded jewelry. My braids were all overgrown and I was pudgy in my usually svelte-inducing black sweater. I felt like a peasant girl who put on her best tatters to go hooking. Shit was rowdy.

Bobbito dropped some surprisingly lush cuts including touchy-feely tribal house from Louie Vega. A fair amount I don’t remember but it was a seductive group of deep house tracks that kept my ears perked up. But the crowd was mad depressing as it was a lot of attractive, aging  splaboos who ne’er set foot on that dance floor. The only fool dancing was some runaway raver who looked like he was tap dancing in sneakers. It was downright foul. I actually sat for most of the set which was sad because the music was fantastic – among the top shit I’ve heard during the series – but the energy was nil. It hurt my heart.

At least time I didn’t drop a down payment on a glass of wine allegedly made by monks in far-flung parts of the Pyrenees. Fool – ass Hudson bar.

Oh, and shouts to Syta for holding down the door. You’re a good kid.


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