“I Was There” Files: DJ Spinna @ Hudson Hotel


Ahem. You’ll notice Conny is, uh…how you say…a lazy ho. I changed jobs (I’m no longer at McDonalds. I’m now an assistant manager at Burger King! Woo-fuckin’-hoo!!), I’m preparing to move (my roomate is a crazy stank-ass ho and she must be stopped), and I professed my love (he didn’t say shit back. Fuck his couch). So basically I’ve been a hot crankin’ mess.

But, we’re back.

Monday night DJ Spinna was at Hudson Hotel for one of the final installments of Giant Step’s Private Park parties. It was cool and all, friendly turned-out splaboos all in the mix. Spinna was fine. I stayed for about an hour and he was playing all the proper dance mainstays – George Kranz’ “Din Da Da,” Daft Punk vs. Stardust “The Music Sounds Better With You” and other disco/some other genre songs. My homegirl Joany spent her whole life in the bathroom where this real live Barbie plastic surgery victim kept trying to cut everybody. I mean, the ho’s chest balls were red like a robin’s breast and looked like they were filled with sand and stuck to her ribs with caulking. Shit was weird.

Also, I figured, I gots a new gig, lemme enjoy the good life and instead of squirreling away a Sparks to guzzle in the bathroom I actually bought some spirits from the bar. Although I promptly wanted to shove the glass back up the bartender’s ass when he told me my goblet of fucking house chardonnay was 16 mothafuckin’ dollas!!! I was waiting for him slip the rest of the bottle of Arbor Mist into my purse but he just gave me a stank ass look when I didn’t tip him. Ugh…we got to do better.

Anyway, Spinna was fine although the party was not as rowdy other Spinna sets. You can pretend you were there by checking out pics at www.giantstep.net


6 Responses to ““I Was There” Files: DJ Spinna @ Hudson Hotel”

  1. exclusivelyexclusive Says:

    Yaay, congrats on the new gig. I gots one too. We twins! Anyways, don’t fall off the face of the earth again. Some of us are living vicariously through you.

  2. exclusivelyexclusive2 Says:

    Yo, Conny. Exclusivelyexclusive is back up. Albeit with a new theme. But still.

  3. connykate Says:


  4. connykate Says:


  5. exclusivelyexclusive Says:

    what’s officially over???? I’m cunfused.

  6. connykate Says:

    My life, now what I’m gonna be at exclusive every got damn day

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