Musical Crack: Van Hunt



There are only a few things that stop me from jumping in front the A train at Nostrand Ave and offing myself. Next to the possibility of shisha, the possibility of sex and the rowdy almost intolerable possibility of sexing and shisha-ing simultaneously, is the possibility of a new Van Hunt album.

A little background on VH, I LOVE HIM!!! I played out his self-titled debut like it came with a cure for The Clap and although he bit the nuts offa Prince a mite too hard on his sophomore album, On The Jungle Floor, I’m fucking ecstatic he wasn’t tossed to the wind during the recent EMI shuffle and is releasing his third major label album, Popular, early next year. EMI is doing some wonky EP release then putting out a long player like they’re some jank-ass, no-money indie but meh, not my first quarter earnings on the line here.

Also, I’ve had an epic Tiger Beat sort of crush on him forever and the one time I actually met him after a show, he told me he’d seen me looking at him in the audience. So clearly, that was my cue to flirt back confidently and make some allusion to needing a bed for the night…not to sleep in of course. But instead, I made the biggest fumble in groupie history and muttered something about an interview with some random weekly I was writing for at the time and he stepped back and shooed me towards his tour manager. I am a stupid fuck.

Anyway a sampler of his latest tracks have hit the streets and “The Lowest 1 Of My Desires” is finely shaven crack rock, satisfying to the last feathery fiber. Taut thudding drums and jerky, staccato guitars and impassioned wails of “I wanna fuck you, babaaay!” are really, really doing it for me. I got the track around 11 at night and by 10 am the next day I had pretty memorized the whole thing. It instantly perked up my life.

Take a listen for yourself:

Van Hunt – The Lowest 1 Of My Desires

So kids, next time your favorite singer seems like he may be coming on to you, even if he’s not, chuck professionalism to the wind and start shimmying your shoulders instead (This will work for guys too…trust me). Then songs like, “I wanna fuck you babaaay” will be about you, and not the resourceful ho-face he met right after you.


Here’s a picture of Van Hunt looking gay which makes me feel a little better about life.


2 Responses to “Musical Crack: Van Hunt”

  1. The-XFacta Says:

    Hey Connie Baby!!! I have never heard of this dude, but I will check out the track… Stay up baby!! Also I changed my url… TheRapGame.Wordpress.Com

  2. exclusivelyexclusive Says:

    Conny, where the hi-zell did you go? There have been no updates for weeks and weeks! Get back on the innanets, girl.

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