Musical Crack: Roots, Rock, Remixed

lowrescoverartrgb.jpgI got this new Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Roots, Rock, Remixed album a while ago and basically didn’t believe it at first. Usually when I hear an album there’s a lot of, “that was garbage, that track was less a waste of time than the first but way more gaytarded than track three and track three is for foolheaded wankers.” But this jawn is a whole of lot fucking good. It’s a twelve track collection of Marley era jump-offs (mostly when Bob was fronting the Wailers and Peter Tosh was off being a problem negro) that’s been re-worked by a lot of downtempo electronica beatmeisters and includes revamps by Fort Knox and Cordovan.

I essentially sat on this for a few weeks, replaying it and waiting for the jank to appear but for serious, this is one of the bestest comps I’ve heard in a redunkulous time. I’m not even one of those hardcore Marley fanatics (you know, my name’s not Amanda and I didn’t run off to “commune” with a tribe full of Jah bushmen only to come back to Park Slope with nasty white-people dreads gabbing to my ivy-league girlfriends about my new “religion”) and downtempo music is usually for old euro hipsters who officially, are no longer cool. But this comp, according to press release legend, is the only set of remixes approved by the Marley family and with good cause because it’s one the best sets I’ve heard. Even with many of our dead music legends being recast for the kiddies (see the latest Billie Holiday remix project) triple R is definitely a standout.

Tracks that get me wet:  Soul Shakedown Party (Afrodisiac Sound System Remix) – Great album opener with straightforward ska rhythms manage to not to sound hokey and of the frosted tip, tiki-shirt-wearing 1996 brand of ska.

Sun Is Shining (Yes King Remix) – Welcomed trippyness added to one of my fave Marley tracks.

African Herbsman (King Kooba Remix) – Spacey, round groove that I didn’t see coming. Yes, yes and yes.

Small Axe (Paul & Price Remix) – Twinkly, colorful sunny vibe that makes my heart smile. Turn any dive bar into a Kingston jam, mon. Heeeeeey!!…moving right along…

400 Years (Jimpster Remix) – “Whoa” was my first reaction. I was straight up not prepared for the too-fab conflation of dub and techno reverberations. It actually makes me a little uncomfortable…

For serious, the whole cotdamn thing is what’s real in the streets. Let’s pretend summer will never end and have chilly barbecues on our crusty rooftops well into October with the lovely, funtastic mix.


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  1. nation Says:

    that picture is heatrock

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