“I Was There” Files: Daft Punk @ Keyspan Park


Yeah I was there and so was all of Williamsburg and LES (I wonder who was watching the borough…?). And it was an odd yet amazing mix of typical grungy-fingernailed, hipster children in short pants, random “white hats” and “ya-dudes” (in da bean, that’s what we call those awful Abercrombie frat fools who run around spouting “ya dude, so I totally banged ha mutha”), spicy Euro-trash (something about a man with nominal English skills and an astro-mullet makes my vagina giggle) and random shiny coloreds. I kept snapping my neck around at all the sharply dressed coloreds dotting the audience.

So as usual, I was late as hell and missed The Rapture which is yucky because I love the pants offa them. Then I missed Sebastian and Monkey or something, blah blah blah. Daft Punk went on around 9:20 and shit was epic. They really dress like robots and in truth it’s just two DJs in silver helmets. But another truth is it’s one of the best DJ sets you’ll ever hope to see.

They went on and they have this rowdy light show which looks crazy on these huge Star Trak-esque monitors and was pushing everyone within a wooden spoon’s length of an epileptic fit. Plus it was kind of a weird time for me because I love the Punk and all but if there is a show to be on mind-altering hallucinagens, that was the do. And I was stone-cold sober. Stone cold sober surrounded by my tripping-out CAC friend (that’s cracka ass cracka as they say below the Mason-Dixon) who kept complaining about her weave. All I could think was oh, my poor paleskin newbie friend.

 We definitely paid some crooked vendor to sell us this access password to get on the floor (it was “Cigars Are Money”) so we chucked our bowl seats to the wind and got real close to madness. So they start out with a gang of their sampled shit including “Technologic” which they mashed with Busta’s “Touch It” and “Harder, Faster, Stronger” which they blended with Kanye’s “Stronger.” The helmeted-ones even threw up the Roc which was a little confusing since they aren’t Beyonce.

Then The Punk launches into this fantastic mash-up of “One More Time” and “Around The World” and it feels like the world is caving in from amazingness. They stretched out all the jams to these ridiculous 10 minute situations – it was like, shit was going down. Between the seizure-inducing lights (fun seizures to be sure) and the songs you loved from junior high to that new wave party last weekend, shit was O.D.

There was a lot of dancing, jumping around, and I was near this fierce little baby ofay who workin’ it out!! Like no more than 12 he was totally shearing the fuck out an imaginary rug. Ri-goddamn-diculous. There was some guy with an Uncle Sam beard and boxer shorts emblazoned with Old Glory just wasted up against a fence. Basically, the night was fucking weird. There was a lot of weird shit happening. I saw some guy get strapped into an ambulance on a bad trip like it was 1969. Hello, get it together! Crack rock is the new millenium power pill.

Oh but they didn’t play Digital Love!!!! Which literally hurt my heart. Like, for serious. But they did do one of those cornball-ass “encores” where they went backstage for five minutes and came back only to start playing their collabo with Stardust  “The Music Sounds Better With You” and to cut the lights and reveal the neon-lit piping on their leather-suits. It was like Christmas on Mars. I was really happy.

It was raining a bit, we were in Coney Island, I was tired which usually makes for a pouty “you all can eat dicks!” sort of night. But it’s Daft Punk so it worked.


3 Responses to ““I Was There” Files: Daft Punk @ Keyspan Park”

  1. Tout le monde Says:

    I was really close to the trio of medical emergency tripping hippy Israelis/Spaniards during the whole show and while they were distracting, they were also fascinating to watch. Forming a sort of plow, the group comprised a handsome long-haired modern primitive, his gorgeous underage lover, and a terrified jew-fro sporting third wheel. The two boys wore matching tie-died mumus, in fact. While Mr. long-haired bad-trip was flipping his shit and charging to and fro in the packed crowd, seeming to passionately implore aggravated bystanders for something, his pal was helplessly trying to hold him back with the widest-eyed look of terror you can imagine. It was sad. To add to that, the adolescent beauty was holding on to the other side of the guy, lolling about grinning and hanging limply… they settled down around the encore only to reemerge as a crisis during the crowd’s exit. I truly felt for the caveman hippy dude as the cops finally did their thing and tackle-cuffed him, knowing that the whole ambulance/ thorazine/ emergency room thing is pretty much the worst trip ever. Just one question tho: How could that show give anyone, anywhere, a bad trip?

  2. connykate Says:

    Ok, first off, I might need you to become a contributor.

    Secondly, I was near a bunch of glow-stick twirling mofos but they weren’t that bad. Like that bad trip dude was fucking epic. My end of the circus was weird but it was good, chill weird…I’m kinda jealous I didn’t see the acid euro madness up close.

  3. nation Says:

    they came to mtl recently and apparently the Encore was the greatest thing known to mankind

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