Who Wants Epilepsy!!!

So M.I.A. went off on those ‘mos over at Pitchfork. She was basically like, “fuck Diplo, that rowdy paleskin’ ain’t make me! He ain’t no Berry to my Diana, no Irv Gotti to my Ashanti, no peanut butter to my mothafunkin’ jelly!! I did this album with me!! And some other people, including Diplo, but NOT Diplo!!”

I love the bejeezus out of her and I’m glad she shook things up. The interview is a tad confusing but maybe that’s Pitchfork’s way of undermining a talented female from a third world country – which is basically what she blasts the interviewer for.

Anyway snaps to my fellow Bed-Stuy brethren ( I just found out girlfriend lives four blocks away from in Bed-Stuy. Not Clinton Hill, which is Bed-Stuy for white people, but in the same hood that Biggie and Ol’ Dirty Bastard grew up. Holler back.) and check out her interview here.

Also, that Boyz video is the best thing in the world but you really should watch it while pressing with a wooden spoon on your tongue. I done caught the mean epilespy case after watching that. I’m just now getting around to closing my mouth (Insert your own jokey jokes here).

Easily one of the hottest videos ever.


4 Responses to “Who Wants Epilepsy!!!”

  1. Big Homie Says:

    Great post Connie

  2. connykate Says:

    Thanks kid.

  3. Discern Says:

    I done peed my pants after reading this. Sent it to a couple friends who also think MIA is the dopest thing since…well, I don’t know, Conny. She just IS! And it’s about fucking time! And YOU? Amazingly honest and funny report on the MIA/Diplo-thing, which I didn’t know about. Looking forward to reading/seeing alot more epileptic cuttin’ up on your blog. Thanks!

  4. connykate Says:

    m.i.a. sets my loins aflame. always good to meet other groupies — i feel a little less desperate

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