Musical Crack: Dude N Nem


Sigh. Dude N Nem…ok I can do this…Dude N Nem is this new group out the Chi with this rowdy tune called “Watch My Feet.” (I mean, why even try when it comes to band names these days. Why not just call yourselves Wangs and Thangs and make a songs about Honey Mustard versus BBQ sauce for dunkin’ yo chicken nuggets? Why do I feel like I just described a song that’s gonna make 106 and Park next week…)

As it is, Midwesterners have been jukin’ their brains out to this. Midwesterners need lives. It kinda sounds like The Flintstones put out a crunk song, like “The Brontosaurous Bump! Mixed by DJ Bonehead! Crank dis shit and blow out the bone amps in yo’ four foot ride, bitches!! Bedrock ain’t ready!!”

Anyway, these chillun just got signed to TVT off the strength of what you see below. I’m not responsible for any loss of brain cells associated with viewing the video.

Ok, so seriously, can somebody pass me a pipe, stuff it with rock, meth, Drano, whatever, lock me in a room, play Hannah Montana or something equally asinine and when I lose my cotton pickin’ mind, shuttle me into a studio and record whatever I have to say next. We will have the next dance craze, I will have a $50,000 label advance which I will blow on stupid shit like four-finger rings and crates of Cheetos and you kids can do something else besides read my adventures in Crackland every week.

The point is though, I do actually love the shit out of this song. And that’s a problem. Sigh. Thanks Dude N Nem.


4 Responses to “Musical Crack: Dude N Nem”

  1. The-XFacta Says:

    OMG!! Ok you can’t be serious!!!! Dude N Nem?? Damn this set’s blacks and all minorities back 50 years… LOL… You got, Lupe, Common, Kayne, even Twista and these clownz?????? LOL

  2. Lady Half Breed Says:

    i cant….

  3. connykate Says:

    Isn’t this like…what to say really…Their gotdamn name is Dude N Nem!!!!

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