Chillun You Oughta Know: Miss Nana and Rasheeda


You know how spotting a non-crackity female MC these days is like seeing a dinosaur riding a unicorn and smoking rock with a dodo bird? I mean Foxy Brown’s all out her cotton-pickin’ mind (I saw homegirl on Atlantic ave with 12 lbs of ratty weave and she’s either a closeted marsupial or up the duff she needs to let out a hot ball of fire), Eve is teetering on tranny-queen territory with her airy rhymes and niptucked look, and Lil’ Kim is…jesus…we just gon’ stay prayed up for that one.

But lately, some fine poon is hedging in on this hip hop thang. Miss Nana is some blessed hood rat reppin’ North Philly with these absolutely crazy rhymes. Lately, when it comes to those rappin’ youngsters in their saggy dungarees, I’ve been like, “yo hip hop – lick me!” But Miss Nana (who needs a name that doesn’t scream “Baby Mama For Sale”) is doin’ the damn thing. Girlfriend is 16 and is snappin’ heads around. If Philly’s puttin’ out another Eve, I think this chick is what’s real in the streets. Holla at my new anthem by Miss Nana “She Broke”:

I mean she need to stop sounding like she got a dick stuck in her throat but she’s a little cunty and cuddly. The best combination. And according to Crediblepedia, she’s released about 40 albums so far so she came out the womb slangin’ rhymes. Good for her.

And ‘amember how Khia came out all droopy tits, cracky locs, meth teeth and potty mouth with the most vulgar but NECESSARY ode to slurpin the coochie hole, “My Neck My Back.” Well, Go’gia peach, Rasheeda has taken it to a greater even punnier level with “My Bubblegum.”

“I’m the type of girl you wanna chew all in my bugglegum and take to ya mama house.” That’s my kinda life – head then home cookin’. Any fellers wanna oblige me?

And the bump on that track is bananers. I see big things for her. Plus she finer than crack and cheese lookin’ like Kim Porter after few square meals. Work it.


3 Responses to “Chillun You Oughta Know: Miss Nana and Rasheeda”

  1. go-go-grl Says:

    Child keep in school ……………………..

  2. Monna Says:

    LOL miss nana is from Newark New jersey LOL not philly.But Jazzell Williams would muder miss nana any day on some DEAD ASS

  3. Monna Says:

    and TEAM ROCKSTAR jazzell williams team is dope too

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