Musical Crack: Raul Midon


Sometimes I get these intense emails from certain DJs with 48pt font and 40 exclamation points with ridiculous tags like, “FUK WIT DIS” “NEW PRINCE OF THE SOUF” “FIRE!!!!” “MUSICAL CRACK” and so on. I thought I’d try some of these gritty street marketing techniques with my audience. Let me know if they’re working.

Raul Midon is back with more of his buttery singer songwriter soul. Makes me want some roasted pinenuts. Raul hit the scene a couple years ago and is releasing his sophomore album, A World Within A World in September. I don’t know what that album title means.

And because I love you, I’ve got music links (that work this time) and you can judge for yourself.

“Pick Somebody Up” (Real Media Stream)


“All Because Of You” (Real Media Stream)


But you kids come here not to think for yourselves but to see what I think is hot in the streets. To be really real, Midon’s stuff is the musical equivalent of warm milk. Comforting, smooth, sweet but also a little bland and safe. You’ve been here before. It’s nothing new, special or notably fantab. It’s fine.


I will say if you’re looking for a coffee shop ethnic, guitar-slangin’ soulful dude in the ’07 Sachal Vasandani has got your number. “Please Mr. Ogilvy” off his album, Eyes Wide Open is way measured and plaintive. It’s like dreamy lullabies for adults with substance abuse problems. You can click the link above and do your own research but trust, this kid’s on the trolley.



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