“I Was There” Files: All City Fresh Party @ Supreme Trading


Unh huh. There is a reason these “I Was There” posts have been so sporadic and it’s because I need to just be keeping my black ass at home. I went to the All City Fresh, Takeover Theory, Party Run By Every N*gga You Know jumpoff last Thursday because there were about 400 DJs (ok, there were 12), art (um…something of a misnomer) 2 open bars (you know how I like to get all Drunky Brewster on they asses) and nekkid women you get to paint! A good time should have been in the bag right?

Yeah, whatever. Me, Tippy Porter and our zen Thai-Kentucky friend Lady B. arrived at Supreme around 1 after consuming copious amounts of Sparks, Svedka, Drano and whatever else was lying around. And I haven’t been knocking them back that fierce for a while so I definitely got all heavy-lidded very quickly.  We get there and I’m just stank. The place is third-world island hot, the music was mad whatever, and while the other three rooms at Supreme Trading were open, those rooms are fuckity and not impressive. I was kinda too lubricated to function and I know I kept asking the same people the same questions (“wait…so, unicorns are fake or just extinct?”). My girl broke her arm and I proceeded to drag her by fragile elbow through the party. Then, I eventually wandered off because I was too “well-oiled” too function and went and danced to crappity 80s music at Capone’s by myself.


I later stumbled back (literally, I don’t even know how I could walk) and got into the whole painting thing. You’d think painting hot chicks would be a fun time but for serious, shit is awkward. ‘Specially when one the hot chicks is your friend and when you go to greet her you get paint all over your face. Then since no one was properly minding me I went and tagged a wall that was supposed to be some big touchy-feely group mural but I ended up just getting paint all over myself. I wandered home, sent some stank-ass, it’s-the-middle-of-night-I’m wasted-how-are-you? text messages and then fell asleep. I slept through my alarm and woke up growling like a forest animal and knocked ash from my hookah all over my room when my roomates started banging on my door.  Because I was still a little drunk and didn’t want to waste precious seconds showering, I hobbled into work, two hours late with paint smudges on my arms and legs looking like some miserable street urchin.

Good times.


The whole night was recorded by Tippy Porter and James Chang at the surprisingly named James-Chang.com.



One Response to ““I Was There” Files: All City Fresh Party @ Supreme Trading”

  1. johnsville Says:

    i love your blog. Well written…

    stay up.


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