I Want Ka$h

james pants

New kids on the block are always fun. They always spice things up and shake up the general heirarchy on the playground. Good times. James Pants is one of the extra, extra fun newbies because he’s just so fucking weird. Bless his nerdlinger heart!

I heard his music somewhere before but only I remembered it when I heard it on the latest Suite 903 Beverly Bond/DJ Lindsey compilation sponsored by the good people at the Fader and Hennisaaaay likka (which is a bomb-ass compilation that you should procure yourself. I stole mine from a too-trusting club kid). His music is a lot of jingly percussion and raspy, random vocals. “I Want Ka$h” is unexpectedly seductive and the fun drums on “Murder” are good for a rain dance and is a welcome break from all that confused electro the kids love so much these days. One of his obvious influences is professional nutjob and StonesThrow labelmate, Gary Wilson. A gang of his songs sound like they were made in his garage while he wore “Back To The Future” sneakers and painted stuff neon colors like, “radioactive salmon.” I will say though, this is some of the best geekazoid music I’ve heard in a while. His Myspace page is where all the cool kids hang out.

Plus it’s also refreshing seeing someone joyfully exercise their right to be weird. Dude lives in Spokane, WA (I have family there and everytime I visit I want to steal away to somewhere more glamorous like a dumpster or a hole in the dirt) and those northwesterners are…yeah. They’ve got children like Ohmega Watts and other people I’m too lazy to name drop but I think being smooshed between Canada and the other states that were too redneck to be a part of California makes you a little crackity by default.

But bless, I see big things for this Mr. Pants.


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