Brovas Gon’ Work It Out


Well guess who crawled out the hip hop crypt? It’s the lispy bo-ho all us chillun who ever heard “Electric Relaxation” wanted to grow up marry. Yes, the white knight of hip hop’s Kente cloth and combat boots, mid-90s era, Q-Tip released a new track called, “Work It Out.”

Y’all remember how Tip used to trade nasally verses with Phife’s Ja-fakin’ accented quips over wobbly basslines like “Award Tour”? And I know I am not the only one who wants a do-over on 1994 when “1nce Again” comes on. So wasn’t Tip’s 2001 shiny suit solo opus, Amplified the biggest WTF!!! ever?

After kinda, but not for serious, releasing Kamaal The Abstract which was gobbled up by any bohos with bandwidth Tip released a new song last week. It’s called “Work It Out” and it features No One. Clever.

I think it’s real you know, good or whatever. I need to listen a bit to be convinced though. This isn’t really getting my panties wet or anything.


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