We On


Hey kids,

You what sucked? My weekend. Blew horse ass. Just a hot ass mess. Fools is sheisty and it’s real in these streets playa (yes, I’ve been listening to too much Wu-Tang…). You know what helped though? This track by Gemini and Lupe “Yuckbutt” Fiasco called “We On.”

I don’t know who this Gemini chile is but bless his lil’ Bone Thugs N Harmony sounding heart. All choppy beats and cadences like it’s the first o’ tha month in 1998. Damn, makes you wanna get yo’ hair braided on somebody’s rickety porch eatin’ a icy pop. 

Maybe I should move to the midwest where fools ain’t so OUTTA THEY COTTON PICKIN’ MINDS!!!

Sorry for yelling…I need a hug.


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