“I Was There” Files: Chromeo & Flosstradamus @ Hiro


You know how I was all up on Flosstradamus’ nads when I first heard “Act A Fool.” Lucks for me, the kids also know how the twiddle the fuck out of some Serrato knobs.

Flossy & Chro showed up at Hiro Thursday night for what turned out to be one of the most crackity reunions I’ve ever had. I ran into everyone I had ever gone to college with which wouldn’t matter if I’d gone to some emo training camp like say, NYU or Bard or something but I went to the most schmoozy automaton factory that was based in Philadelphia for crack’s sake (it rhymes with the University of Schmennsylvania). I kept running into fools with my forehead all a gleaming from that good Whitney and Bobby sweat (since the joint has an Asian theme and apparently part of being Asian means partying like you live in a Bento box. Damn, they couldn’t spring for central air or at least some Phillipina ho with a bamboo fan tied to a pole or somethin’?). And bless my fellow alumnae who, with all the music savvy of a jar of mayonnaise, would ask, “wait, Claustrophobia’s playing tonight? what?” And then I would snicker then pat away the confusion from their empty little heads.

But if’n those kids don’t got soul!! They ended up playing all this old school proper reggae like “Topshotta” by Sean Paul and friggin’ DMX, Chaka Demus and Pliers and all these other ice cold jams that stank-ass little colored children just happen to know growing up around other other stank-ass coloreds (have you ever tried to explain who Lil’ Vicious was to someone who grew up in Salt Lake City?) My girl was “bouncing” backstage, which is adorable because even though she got a big ol’ stank mouth, homegirl is a blessed size 2 and just couldn’t stop a stampede coked-up tramps with sizzling crotches if she wanted to. Which she didn’t. Bless her.

Chromeo was there being Canadian. I’m just not into DFA mess in general so they were all shiny pants and rock guitars and I just didn’t get it. But for those who care, they were there reppin’ their province (hehehe…oh Canadia).

So moral of the story is I have a big ol’ stank butt crush on the colored one from Flossy and New York needs to get bigger…like now…like right now.

And this should be an I Asked Kid Sister To Marry Me When I Ran Into Her At Studio B post but I fell asleep!! Do I have ferrets nesting in my head?!?! Like, what is going on up there? Sigh…


3 Responses to ““I Was There” Files: Chromeo & Flosstradamus @ Hiro”

  1. seher Says:

    heeee’s kinda cute.

    sigh =/

  2. connykate Says:

    adorable isn’t he? no more boys, though. boys are yucky.

  3. english mastiff Says:

    english mastiff

    english mastiff

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