Wigger Of The Week: Travis Barker


These posts are usually on the “fuck all y’all!!” tip but Travis Barker’s wiggerness isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hell, I’m getting a kick out of his splaboovian tendencies.

You know this fool from whoring out his family for that good blondheaded teen girl money on MTV’s “Meet The Barkers” (which I personally watched before I was deprogrammed). He was also in some fool band before that (Blink 182) and now he’s in another fool band (+44).

Tell me why this ho now has a clothing line with Jermaine Dupri (Famous Stars and So So Def Hip-Rock bandanas or some phoolery) and has another “project” with Paul Wall and someone else totally random like Leean Rimes or Urkel or something.  But this funky lil’ ofay is just so random you can’t really keep him down. Sell me some Tubular Thrasher Hot Dogs or some start some hipster hip-hop organic towel line. Git yo’ Oprah on, I ain’t mad atcha. Travis shows that wiggers can be functional members of society and can contribute to the greater good just like everybody else. He’s doing a lot for his people. Bless his stringy-haired head.

 Here’s Travis keepin’ it suburban with his cuddly crony The Game. The two did a track together or fucked, or something. Chile, you know I don’t really care.


5 Responses to “Wigger Of The Week: Travis Barker”

  1. Tom Says:

    I think hes a fucking wigger

  2. Angelo Roetzler Says:

    I Wish i was half the drummer travis barker is. so depressing.

  3. Cd mailers Says:

    i never expected 3d technology to take off so much. I have been hearing so much in the media latley regarding products that are soon to be introduced. 3d is going to be all around you in the foreseeable future.

  4. Sacramento English Tutor Says:

    i cannot wait untill deathly hallows comes out. Its too bad its going to be in two parts. Thats likely to make harry potter nerds like my self mad.

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