“I Was There” Files: Yo Majesty @ Studio B


Last weekend was Pride Weekend so the streets were littered with chintzy flags and chiseled fags. Small children were wearing rainbow bracelets which confused me no little. I mean do New York toddlers have a sophisticated awareness of sexuality or did they just like wavin’ around rainbows all pretty-like? I’ma stay prayed up that it is the latter…

As surreal as Pride NYC was, chile, I was not prepared for Yo Majesty. I heard the name dropped here and there as the openers for your favorite brazilian/dance/booty bounce group du jour. And they had these rowdy flyers of topless Negro assasins blanketing every hipster gathering leading up to their Friday night throw down. But it wasn’t until I was pretty wasted and had left DJ Lyon’s Mixtape Release Party at Hope that we all stumbled into Studio B in the middle of the night, high on “life.”

Okay, so, Yo Majesty is not the type of group you just spring on motherfuckers. You gotsa warn a ho! I’m seeing this cluster of plaid, cutoff shorts and malnourishment that is the Greenpoint hipster bouncing to the sounds of three big ol wide knee grow women from Flo-Rida. Christ. There was a lot of dykiness being thrown around and “Booty Bass For Dummies” style beats that the white children loved writhing to. I need a hug I felt so crackity.

These heifers definitely had a song called Kryptonite Pussy, the bounce of which I have not been able to shake from my head for days. Vocalist (or perhaps resident army tank) Jewel B definitely took off her shirt in the middle of the set and did the rest of the show barechested, high yeller teats swinging through the air. I guess I liked it, but for real I was so tired and more drunk than a little. I would have liked goose fat smeared under my armpits I was so crackity.

So, um yeah, confuse yourself http://www.myspace.com/yomajesty4life


2 Responses to ““I Was There” Files: Yo Majesty @ Studio B”

  1. o.t. Says:

    I really hate the way you write

  2. ConnyKate Says:

    oh bless you.
    moving right along

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