“I Was There” Files: King Britt @ Hudson Hotel


Ok, ok, ok. So Philly house master King Britt stopped through my apartment on Monday (I’m basically subletting at Hudson Hotel, what with Giant Step’s rowdy Private Park series) and he nearly killed me. I mean fantab, children, fantab!!

Britt has been spinning since the mesaoic era (or since the 90s, I don’t really know the difference) so he’s got this ultra-rich catalog of booty-quivering music that makes your chest cave in from happiness. I got there with my San Fran girl Rehes around 9 so we were sliding in rather late but chile…it ain’t make a lick of difference. We got there just to hear KB drop Salome De Bahia’s classic Bob Sinclar collabo, Outro Lugar. Fresh, feathery portueguese sensuality abounded. Yet I almost exploded when he played a little song called Sea Lion by Feist. Perhaps I’ve mentioned it once or twice, before. The staccatto hand claps that punctuate the track plus those wily guitars make the song sound like the world is ending in the most fabolous way possible. Both tracks are what you might call epic.

Then he closed out with slice of disco hotness with Boogie Oogie Oogie by A Taste Of Honey, I Love Music by The OJays (the best song a smattering of splaboos in pressed polyester ever put together) and chile…he wrapped it up with an orchestral version of Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing. Add all that aural stimulation to the lighted dancefloor that’s so cheesy it’s intelligent and hippie/boho set that invade Hudson Hotel at each of these shindigs and there’s really nothing else to say, ‘cept KING BRITT HAVE MY CHILDREN!!!
Or you could just come back to New York and DJ again.

Honestly, I’ve seen a lot of children fondle the decks and KB is fucking up there. Him and Questlove on a good night (you need to hit up Fluid in Philly for that) make me wish I had four pairs of feet. The only downside was I was rockin my headwrap and so an ultra sticky Afrophile kept harassing me and horning in on my strutting space but otherwise it was a time.

The up-kilt camera was in effect too and see if you catch Conny’s gams here at GS’s event: http://www.giantstep.net/features/134

And kisses to my new fave paparazzo Phillip Angert who takes these warbling pictures of my foolishness. Truly fun stuff: http://www.phillipangert.com
More KB Giant Step pics are here

 Now excuse me as I pick out blue and pink afro pics for me and Britt’s future child.


One Response to ““I Was There” Files: King Britt @ Hudson Hotel”

  1. Lady Half Breed Says:

    Girl, you know you can’t be rockin’ the head wrap at THOSE kind of events. You might as well have walked in eating a mango.

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