Chrisette Michelle’s World

Chrisette Michelle is um…I don’t know. I want to say underserved and on a label who’s hip hop identity is strong too represent her properly but mostly, girlfriend just strikes me as all around odd. Her latest album, I Am, or I’m Here, or I Didn’t Fuck Jay-Z So My Product Manager Doesn’t Care About Me came out recently and uh, it’s uh, not as horrifying as I thought.

She does have that hokey, new age jazz woman thing going on (the ho actually scatted at her listening party at BLVD) and she shouts out divas like Ella Fitzgerald and Natalie Cole (although the latter reference gets a sideways look from me). There’s the Veronica Lake hair, satin column-dresses and shoo-bee-doo-bop foolery that makes me wonder if girlfriend knows prohibition is over. Also her voice has this warbly high-pitch that made me feel completely crazy when I talked to her.

But mostly her debut is not bad at all. She got short-changed on the songwriting tip so a lot of it sounds like smooth jazz remixes of reject Rihanna tracks. But her album gets better with the stellar tracks pushed to the end of the album and redeeming the weak, mushy pace of the record. To be honest, I don’t really know why I’m talking about this as R&B (or Shit &B as it’s become lately) is usually coma-inducing, unnecessarily corn-laden, slutty or some sad combination of the three. I s’pose if those choruses she laid for Jigga and Nas really got you wet and you were curious about her own work, then it’s not a total waste of time. Then again…I really couldn’t care less either way.

One thing though…if’n she ain’t the most gawjus thang I done seen this side of being a freedwoman…


One Response to “Chrisette Michelle’s World”

  1. Lady Half Breed Says:

    Her listening party was at BLVD. I think that says it all.

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