N*ggas Is Craaaaazay

Hello children,

Was anybody else laying around sleeping and eating meat like a porch monkey this Memorial Weekend? All I needed was a straw hat, some dusty ragged clamdiggers and some sunflower seeds and I could have been an extra in Shuckin’ Down The Avenue: The Negro Comes To Williamsburg (that’s actually a bad ass idea for a screenplay…). Firstly, that shit was like a vortex. Err’time I tried to roll, somebody’s colored ass was blowin’ up my shit. Felt like I was an Adderall dealer. Sorry to those who had rooftop barbecues that I flaked out on. You know my darkie ass ain’t gots no kinda concentration.

But I had a time. My boy from college, let’s just call him Jake (I’m not some funny moniker factory, you greedy phools) went HARD wif me, from dancing with old guard queens in Central Park to eating meat from a tray to drinking Sparks on every imaginable corner in the ‘burg (if saw you a black girl in a dress that’s really a shirt with a paper bag, that was me. Next time give a bitch a shout.). Bless his little light-skinneded heart.

But yeah, sorry children that Conny hasn’t been bloggin’ she’s been slumped over in somebody’s bed wired from tequila and wondering how much longer she can go without a shower before her skin peels off.

However, I did find this video which my new play-husbands made. N*ggas is crazy. This may be old as shite but you’re gonna look and enjoy it and giggle like it’s your first time, cotdangit.

Smell you later bitches.


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