The Williamsburg Swerve

Yoooo…wait, hold up. Yooooo….Ok, see I thought Jay and Fab were the epitome of falling off in the ’07. But some children sent over this grimey lil’ banga that made me remember I’m black. OMG, I had tooootally like, completely forgotten that I was colored and that us coloreds like hip hop. Tubular! I’ve been all two-steppin’ to Erol Alkan and Justice and other malnourished losers signed to VICE Records but now, I may just cut that shit out. For a couple hours anyway.

Anyway from the taut bounce to the Biggie vocal sample to Loso and Jigga’s ability to shout out every single street corner, halal fruit market and We Be Cuttin’ Heads joint in the Brooklyn, I was impressed. You know I’ma be on the Bedford Ave this weekend gettin’ my Williamsburg Swerve on. Or my Fort Greene Lean. Or maybe I’ll dust off my Clinton Hill Chill. And plus this track features some vague contribution from…wait for it…Uncle Murda. Black people we have done it! We can do no better. Uncle Murda is in the building. Hold on and holla at this track while I wipe off my Air Force Ones:

Brooklyn – Fabolous, Jay-Z and Uncle Murda

Oh, and remember when a new Jay-Z track was an event? Now it’s like hittin’ the streets with a new Yanni track (easy listening bitch!).


7 Responses to “The Williamsburg Swerve”

  1. thexfacta Says:

    Yo I don’t know why I love you so much, but I guess it’s just the opinions you have, because usually you’re right on point.. Everyone and their moms that has a blog has posted this song today, though I have had it for a minute.. It’s a cool song, but I just hate Uncle Murder. Plus how serious does he think society will take him with a name like Uncle Murder?? What’s a dumb@ss… Soon he will have to change his name to THE UNCLE, just like Murder Ince went to THE INC…

  2. connykate Says:

    The Uncle!!! Yo are playing games!!!
    I was just about to post on your blog about this — you feel it? Not?
    Was yo thoughts x?

  3. thexfacta Says:

    I’m feeling the song because I really like Fabolous (no homo), and Jay, but Uncle Murder, just drives me crazy with his shoot em up bang bang bang bang bang, shoot shoot shoot… On every song!

  4. ConnyKate Says:

    Yeah, I usually don’t say I like Fab in public but his lyrics are *sigh* fire. Jay is just mad what-the-fuck-ever. I’m basically giddy that he’s shouting out Nostrand Ave cuz that’s near the crib but otherwise…whatever. Like warm tea. Almost hot but…

  5. Muktar Says:

    Fab u r too too much.I need ur direct contact.Is ur number 1 fan from Nigeria.

  6. Muktar Says:

    Hello everyone do u realize dat there is no rapper like FABOLOUS in dis earth?If you ain’t believe ask me reason.

  7. connykate Says:

    Thank you my brother. Fabolous says he loves you too. God bless and good morning.

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