“I Was There” Files: Ben Watt @ Cielo


Conny is still haunted by the ghosts of fool-past from last weekend. Here are few phrases I’m learning that should help Conny be less derelict this upcoming weekend:

“Yes, Mr. Cabbie there will be TWO stops.”

“How old are you?”

“Is that a Sparks? Please throw it out the window.”


Please feel free to send more along. Chile, you know I be needin’ all the helps I can git.

Anyway, Conny checked out Ben Watt at Cielo last night (another event sponsored by the good kids at Giant Step) and it was lovely. After gettin’ the ill, almost African hook up from Jose at Carrera (“yeah girl, our rosee is free. It always has been – that’s why it has two “e”s in it) and going to Plan B (I’m sorry but that bar is so unnecessary) we finally made it to Meatpacking in true blue splaboo time (Shouts to my new halfrican chica who we’ll call Joany).

Ben Watt, one half of Everything But The Girl has reinvented himself once again with this trancey, sharp and delicate sound that even I, who usually recoils in horror at the mention of tinny trance music, can snap a few fangas to. Watt was in town doing two sets at Cielo and the crowd was really Euro and into it. You know those beefy guys who still manage to find skinny jeans to pair with distressed G-Star caftans and spend most of the night jumping around and hugging their mates, making you wonder “is he infected with the ghey or is he just from Prague?” Bless them.

And Tracey Thorn (Ben Watt and EVBTG’s better half) was sooo adorable. She was cuttin’ up the dance floor like a true music lover, all just a mingling and enjoyin’ herself. Work girl! We don’t need no VIP bitches! I wanted to go over and touch her hand but, I don’t know…I don’t have an attention span to speak of, really. And praise him, I ran into a GS crony we’ll call Turkish Delight who has actually read this blog and didn’t judo chop me in mouth. He actually gave me props and sent me on my rowdy little way. Bless.

Anyway, be back with more. Till then, see you in the funny pages.


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