“I Was There” Files: Miguel Migs @Hudson Hotel


Hey children,

Conny feels bad cuz she’s been forgetting her boyfriend. He goes by the name of Deep House. He’s sassy. But we had a date last night and it was grand.

Cali Deep House master Miguel Migs blessed the terrace at Midtown’s tony yet trendy Hudson Hotel. With the high enclosed outdoor space and dusk settling on the island, it’s actually a fantastic place for a party.

Migs is always good for that spacey deep house with a solid bass heavy bottom and homeboy didn’t disappoint. The 4 hour set (I stayed for two) also featured a performance from vocalist Lisa Shaw. I ain’t ne’er heard of Ms. Thing before but she’s been remixed by Joey Negro and Crazy P…so maybe she’s proper. She was real whatever. Give me a bob wig and  a gift certificate to Forever 21 and I coulda rocked a few tunes for the kids.


Either way Conny had a chill time and promptly went home and after eating, reading the Bible (some people call it W magazine) and writing in her journal ( I really do that, on some Doug shit) she promptly fell unconscious and had a good night’s sleep. Wait…that doesn’t even look right. I’m used to typing, “and pulled her head out of the toilet so she could vomit in the gutter.” Whatever chilluns, I guess rejection (you know who you are) does a body good.

www.lisashaw.net, www.myspace.com/djmiguelmigs


2 Responses to ““I Was There” Files: Miguel Migs @Hudson Hotel”

  1. Lady Half Breed Says:

    Go ‘head wit yo bad self. Way to stay outta the gutter girl.

  2. connykate Says:

    Get back to your blog!!! I haven’t gone into cardiac arrest in a while…

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