My Eyes Are Exploding


I feel like my couch is being fucked. This looks like Master P made this on the photoshop after 17 Highballs, in the dark, with his feet. Like why is that cat paralyzed in the tree? Who are those fake Africans in the background? Who is that shady midget bishop? How come Master P, in his styrofoam muscle suit that doesn’t look like it’s attached to his head, looks like he doesn’t even know what’s going on? What the bejeezus is this movie about because if I’m going by the poster its about how crack kills. Are you so serious?

P has the nerve to be all hip hop is the debbil and I’s not cussin’ in any mo’ of my songs but if you’re trying to uplift the black community we’re gonna have to excuse years of this:

And that’s gonna be awkwaaaard. He deserves a lynching at least for releasing Silk Tha Shocker on the world (but by the by, where’s Mia X?)

Um, anyway, Black Supaman in theaters (or your DVD players) coming soon!! Or not…


One Response to “My Eyes Are Exploding”

  1. Lady Half Breed Says:

    Master P is a dookie butter and pig skin sandwich. BTW, love the new blog title. Sounds like somebody’s been overdosing on those house remixes.

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