Let’s Stay Prayed Up For Her…


So Cracky McCrack busted open the doors on somebody’s recording studio. Lauryn, “His Doo Wop Eyes Are Killing That Thing Softly” Hill-Marley-McCrack blessed the n*gganet with her new song “Lose Yourself.”

Here’s the thing: It’s not 1998 anymore. Girlfriend has 800 children who I swear she eats glue and fingerpaints with because she has the maturity level of a toddler. Granted I don’t be seeing Lauryn in the street and that bitch be giving me the hand or nothing but all I hear about is how she played some random overpriced venue, showed up 40 hours late and pouted through the whole thing ‘toumbout, “I couldn’t get my afro right,” or “they fucked up my kambucha” or “THEY RAN OUTTA CRACK!! I GOTSTA DO ME Y’ALL!!”

Lauryn Hill – “Lose Yourself”

Anyway, the song itself is fine. Her vocals are fairly forgettable and it just sounds like Santogold or a female K-Os but way less inventive. I like the beat but I also like tuna straight out the can – I’m not always that discerning. And I am too tired of hearing her whine about how the whole world was sucking the cum out her dick, throwing her Grammys and acclaim like dollar bills at Magic City and how all that praise and fame made her “lose herself.” Bitch, at least you had a job! Where’s Pras! Look at Pras then let’s talk about misfortune (yeah…practicing for a film…whatever, buddy).

Please, I wish someone would let me run around looking this crackity and still throw the word “genius” around in casual conversations about me.



7 Responses to “Let’s Stay Prayed Up For Her…”

  1. Paula D. Says:

    I think L. Boogie needs to let the music thang go…….

  2. connykate Says:

    Seriously. She should start her own line of phool ass afro wigs. “Get yo’ crackity on for any occasion!”

  3. thexfacta Says:

    Yo ma I gotta give it to you, you are mad opinioniated (sp) and don’t hold your tongue at all (Sounds like a BX chick to me). I have to admit that Lauren needs to go hide somewhere, she had her shine and she blew it! Take Wyclef and Pras with her… Stay up ma



  4. Lady Half Breed Says:

    Must be time for me to sprinkle some weed in my ‘fro and find me a Marley too because clearly that’s how it done.

  5. connykate Says:

    BX, eh? Interesting…I’m actually from the mean streets of Boston…so, yeah…d’oh.

  6. Adrianne Says:

    look i jus ran across this after i heard she was droppin sum new shit. i aint even listen to the record yet. i love lauryn from back in the day. theres some great artists out here today, but they have yet to fill the void ms. hill left. now of course i dont like her career choices but i also know how it is to lose yourself so motherfukas really can suck the cum out her dick if you judgin her. you wouldnt believe how different shit is in another mothafuckas shoes. as for whether her time is up in the music industry, only her album will tell, but i for 1 am more than eager to find out.

  7. connykate Says:

    Ok, firstly, listen to the track then the discussion will make more sense.

    Secondly, we all gots issues and no one’s saying don’t do you, but this is her job!! You either do your job well or don’t! If you roll into the office pouty and ackin’ like a child cuz you don’t like your job, yo ass is unprofessional!

    Personally, I’m an L. Boogie fan but the song is whatever and her recent persona is really off-putting. I’m not judging her as a person cuz I don’t know her but I’m definitely judging her, since I’m a consumer of her music, as a recording artist and I think she’s failing. She’s being bratty and self-absorbed and I’m personally over it.

    Maybe she left a void in the type of music that the major label machine supports but she did not leave a void in the general music market in terms of talented, creative women doin’ them. Like I said it sounds like a Santogold and children like Tiombe Lockhart, Sara Devine, Teedra Moses the list goes on, are makin’ it work. Lauryn needs to sit down.

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