“I Was There” Files: Brooklyn Philharmonic Closing Night

Listen, life can’t all be 40s and crack vials. You’ve got to expand your horizons, leave the Williamsburg once in a while and get yo culture on. I went to the Brooklyn Philharmonic’s The Road To Redemption and it was a treat. No bullshit.

The BP is known for its innovative programming and somewhat scrappy existence and has worked with everyone from Laurie Anderson to K.D. Lang.  But to be real, a bitch was kinda nodding off during the first part. I fucks with opera occasionally and I was all in the mood (I was lookin’ all well-behaved in a white linen dress and demure flats strolling through the Fort Greene) but I guess the BP doesn’t have the awesome majesty of a production at the MET or something of that ilk. Soprano Natalie Paulin was fine but she didn’t make my seat wet or anything.

The highlight of the production was easily the second half which was a collaboration with Ridge Theater and featured layered projections of different scenes that accompanied Henryk Gorecki’s Symphony No. 3. While billed as a film, the projections of cresting waves at a deserted beach and a massive construction scene were much more atmospheric and not so much a cohesive narrative. And classical music neophytes such as myself may remember Gorecki’s Symphony No. 3 from Julian Schnabel’s redunk biopic Basquiat (a portion of the symphony plays when the little prince is stuck in the castle at the end of the film). Very intriguing staging.

And if a bitch ain’t get enuff culture, I go upstairs to use the washroom and there’s this soulful rock group playing BAMCafe Live. New York band Faith was amaaaahzing. Girlfriend has that seductive unapologetic funk like Me’Shell N’degeocello (damn, that bitch needs a nickname) and plucked that gitbox with guttural abandon. I was hooked. If I didn’t have to run off back to the Williamsburg (and if I wasn’t dressed like an altar boy), I would have stayed the whole night. So I gots white people and black people culture with little more effort than snappin’ my fangers in some rowdy coloreds’ face.

So best believe I’m gonna be doin’ it proper in the Fort Greene this summer and damn near subletting at BAM. With their DanceAfrica fest and African film festival and free shit e’er Friday, it’s gonna be real in the streets. And you should seriously harass Faith like a rock ho with a dollar and a dream. It’s worth it.


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