Black Hipster Profile: Cam’Ron


Ok, this is very easy. My man Cameron Gilles dresses like a homo, lost mad weight for no good ass reason, always has a bad attitude and can get shot and will still roll to the party. All around, a hot ass blipster mess.

Cam’ron blew up with his single “Horse and Carriage” with Mase in 1997 (damn…Mase…that’s a prayer-needin’ negro) and then blew up for real in 2001 with “Oh Boy.” He dropped a few kilos, picked up a proper posse and made the scene with the Diplomats. Now beefing with Jay-Z, his former partner Jim Jones and I don’t know, probably your neighbor’s blind terrier and the execs at Velveeta for not making that pour-on cheese creamy enough.

To be real, white bols wanna be him (he does know Jay-Z)  and all girls want to screw him but won’t because he’s too into hisself. You know once you try to rip off his clothes in a night of passion he’s gonna be all, “Those are my Lemar and Dauley knee socks! My Kid Robot anklet!! My Coogi thong!! God, no!!” And it will take him three days to get dressed because he has to carefully place color-coordinate all his shit so that everybody can see his bumpkin’ lookin ass a mile away. (Damn, I’m salty. Maybe I just need some real peNUS power in my life).

I mean who else would try to make $13,000 purple muppet fur what’s real in these streets? Only someone with the reckless renegade nature of what the media dubs a blipster. Give him some slim fits and take away his ability to bathe for a few days and he could DJ at Supreme Trading.

Why am I kinda feelin’ his new shit though


3 Responses to “Black Hipster Profile: Cam’Ron”

  1. thexfacta Says:

    Cam is gay! I have not liked a song from him since ’01… Dude is a total joke

  2. ConnyKate Says:

    Cam’Ron is a weirdo. I saw him once and he was wearing a red and green velour sweatsuit with his name in big white letters on the back matching shoes. He looked like a hip hop harlequin. He’s a prayer-needin’ negro.

  3. Lady Half Breed Says:

    Cam’ron can choke on that dick he has in his mouth. I’ve been through with him since birth.

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