“I Was There” Files: Amy Winehouse “Back To Black” Party


So why come suddenly every splaboo on the island has a hot crotch for Amy Winehouse? Girlfriend had a party last night to celebrate, um I guess the fact that she’s still alive since her album came out two months ago and Universal Republic is just getting around to telling the public.

I was expecting a chill night with maybe some libations but mostly just showing off the rambunctious new outfit I got in Kentucky (I’m one of those losers in 20 year-old clothes like, “oh this?! Yeah, it’s vintage.” God, I’m so impressionable). But it was far from it. I kept running into people who were on their way out saying it was too crowded and this that and the other and boy were the children right. Anyone who was anybody (in their head) was there. People of note included most of the women who looked like Flavor Of Love rejects.

And the door was redonk! They started just letting in women which is often a bad sign when the list is out the window and any fool swinging a clit can stroll in. That’s hood ass Hot 97 shit. If you’re truly fabulous you bar everybody – you don’t hold out for arbitrary pussy. There were also mad altercations betwixt, I guess the bouncers and probably the blouses ‘cuz the scene was all the industry boho so-and-sos. That shit was lookin’ real Young Buck by the end of the night.

I tried to stay and see it through but I left around 12:30 and Amy’s black ass still ain’t show up. That bitch was probably still in London with some crumpets and chronic ‘toumbout “yeah, be there in free mo’ minnits!” The party was so fly that most of the children fled to nearby APT and stood around pretending to still be fabulous. Yucky.

Moral of the story is, I’d rather spend three hours fingerpainting or stuffing marshmallows up my nose than trot through meatpacking in fetish heels (I just had no type of brain last night).

Above is a picture of Amy and her man looking…woof… (jacked from Dlisted.com)


3 Responses to ““I Was There” Files: Amy Winehouse “Back To Black” Party”

  1. thexfacta Says:

    Yo I love your blogs, you are mad funny and truthful… Keep doing your thing ma, I see you!


  2. thexfacta Says:

    Oh I forgot to respond. I heard some of Amy’s songs, and to be honest I’m not feeling it.. She kinda reminds me of a new age Sade, but I liked Sade a hell of a lot more!


  3. connykate Says:

    Hahaha, thanks lover. But Amy’s a bit more rowdy than Sade. Sade doesn’t say “fuckery” and hopefully that will never change.

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