Djeah, Whatever


Angelique Kidjo has a new album called Djin, Djin. I wish I could care since she’s all pretty and world musicky but she’s got some shit against her. She’s from Benin and I never know what to think about West African countries that aren’t Nigeria or Ghana (boo and yay respectively). Even though a lot of her language and music is similar, she still seems like a play step-second cousin. It’s like, if you’re so similar, why don’t you just be Ghanaian? I don’t know…’s weird.

Also, she’s signed to Starbucks Entertainment (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so her credibility is kind of in tatters for me. Like I used to give sideways looks to those $20 albums next to the Tazo Chai but when you’ve got the stamp of Seattle’s over-played, hot dirtwater manufacturer on the album…hmmm.

But I should just judge from the music right? Well, personally, most of the music is just as swill as that $4 dollar an ounce mess at Starfuckers. Horrifingly, one the best songs is a cover(“Gimme Shelter”) featuring Joss Stone!! What the yuck is going on here??? Time to stop tying Bantu knots and start making proper African music. And if you’re gonna fuse it with Western conventions at least use your coloredness to bring some flavaaaaa! You know what I mean? Flavaaaaa.

She’s a humanitarian and proper musician and all but all I’m feeling right now is a big fat, “eh.”


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