Beatfanatic Is Doin’ It


No, this isn’t my latest Nazi doppleganger crush. This is Beatfanatic. A Nordic master of smearing beats together that make your pants twinkle and your toes wet. No, wait…that’s probably a little bit wrong.

 Swedes can make knives so can’t they make beats? If The Knife, Peter Bjorn and John and ABBA are any indication of Scandinavia’s dance floor prowess then you besta stay prayed up on the watchout! I discovered Beatfanatic as I reluctantly reviewed his 2005 monsterpiece, The Gospel According To Beatfanatic. I was a dance music neophyte stubbornly clinging to the dregs of hip hop but as it were, The Gospel… was one the best albums I’ve ever heard and I still crave songs like “Mighty Love” and “Doin’ Fine.” BF makes primarly sample-heavy, reconstructed instrumental cuts that throw in everything from Gwen Guthrie to DMX (what??? I know, chile). He’s got that elusive soulful finesse that other beat fusers like Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow just straight up leave out.

So I harassed dude on the MySpace and with a level sweetness and assertiveness that you rarely see from an artist him/herself, he mailed me his latest album, Around The World in 80 Beats. From Sweden. To the Bed Stuy. Bless his little Aryan heart!

Chile, lemme tell you, this doesn’t disappoint either and just reaffirms how talented and frustratingly overlooked dude is. I mean, look how relatively snark-free this post is! Standout tracks are definitely “A Lovely Day,” “African Rockers (duh)” “Completely Relaxed” and “Fridaynight Dubdisco Delite.” Although with any proper BF album, these are just the best of the fantastic as the whole album is truly a bumpworthy, fuck-the-fast-forward button, 17 tracks of rumpshaking, headnoddyness. I even had to make up words to encompass the flyness.

So, if you need convincing, hit the child’s MySpace and then go buy both The Gospel According To Beatfanatic (2005) and Around The World In 80 Beats (2007). They both may be imports but I found The Gospel… at comprehensive record stores like Newbury Comics in Boston and even Virgin Megastore. He’s also on some of those Kinkysweet Frequent Flyer comps (I have the Red Eye one). Of course there is always the internet and I believe Groove Distribution is where you want to start.

Now if only hip hop could get it’s act together…


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