Get Ready To Slice Some Wrists

Yeah, I need to collect my thoughts before I dive into the neverending string of foolishness that was the Kentucky Derby weekend. I’ll have updates for those salivating for more but I kinda need to remember all the ways I embarrassed my ancestors traipsing across Keeeeeeentuckyyyyy!

In the meantime, I came across Pretty Ricky’s latest video, “Push It Baby.” Who do these masked homos really think they are? Pretty Ricky are like those kids in kindergarten who huffed rubber cement, farted on animal crackers and were always trying to hump something or set it on fire. Creepy. Now these fucknuts have a record deal and I have no faith in humanity.

What in the bootleg Backstreet Boys bumminess is this? Remember when white people would take negro songs unsyncopate them, throw some blonde hair on it and call it a “new” song? Why is Pretty Ricky doing that with this video but only in reverse. And waaaaaay worse.

How much glue do you have to huff to release this to the public? I can just see all the execs at Warner Music slumped over in the boardroom with their noses stuffed into those little round bottles of Elmer’s rubber cement, some of them sticking the brush all up in they nostrils. Mess. No wonder Warner posted a loss of $27 million this quarter.


Gee, I wonder why….


2 Responses to “Get Ready To Slice Some Wrists”

  1. thexfacta Says:

    LOL.. I love this blog this was great! Pretty Ricky totally sucks! The have no talent to me and they are a bunch of fucking clowns! Keep doing your thing Conny, I see you ma!

  2. connykate Says:

    Oh my Christ, if there were ever a group of boys who need the hand of the good sweet Lord it is Pretty Rickay Rickay Rickaaaaaaaaay.

    They is a hot mess.

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