Last Night…


Lil’ Kim, Conny’s Patron Saint of Foolishness, has blessed the remix of Diddy’s rambunctious single, “Last Night.” Of course I like it because they jacked the shit out of Prince. I mean just reached in his whole asshole and dug out that “Erotic City” beat. Should I be pissed that they’re waving the Prince flag like they crafted it or just be happy some tried and true shit is making the airwaves? Actually, nobody’s sending Conny’s black ass any royalties of this shit so fuck the lot of ’em.

Diddy feat. Keyshia Cole, Lil’ Kim, Busta Rhymes – “Last Night” (Remix)

This is Kim’s first song since her stint at Club Pen and girlfriend still sounds like a tranny with a head cold. But when she’s like, “nobody called me, wrote me when I was in jail,” or something to that effect, Conny felt that crazy bia bia. If I had feelings, I might have shed a tear. And let’s just ignore the whole “get ya ringtone” whispers in the beginning. They make my stomach hurt.

So, are they way flyer ten years later or do Diddy and Kim need to just give up the scene and spend their Friday nights eating corn and playing Bingo?

Also, this is the perfect song to listen to if you need to stay boiling mad at somebody. Conny’s been bumpin’ this shit all day (and as of press time, it was especially appropriate. Harrumph!)


4 Responses to “Last Night…”

  1. The Half-Breed Ho Says:

    Uh huh….ok, well I aint hopping on Diddys ashy little dookie stained dick just yet. It’s not as though throwing a Prince sample on a track is a revelation or anything. As far as I’m concerned, Diddy and Kim can both channel their productivy elsewhere and go choke on a Goya can or something.

  2. connykate Says:

    Goya can? Do we need to get you a green card…?

  3. rqle eqfysthrd Says:

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  4. luwfnq fdvjwmlgp Says:

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