That Bitch Done Got The Crazy: Alexyss Tylor

Oh my god. I had been getting this video from mad random mo’fuckas (for whatever reason, err’body thought about me while watching this…) and chile, praise him that I finally buckled down and gave this a looksee. PRAISE HIM!!

Alexyss Tylor is the charasmatic (read: CRAZY) host of Vagina Power on Atlanta Public Access TV. And the South is officially the KAING uh err’thang. I’m posting up alla her vids cuz she got the crazy bad, right down to her bones!! In the first vid (above), it’s Halloween so of course Lexy gotta come come correct as the Pussy Pilot. PILOT THE PUSSY! Cuz I’ma hafta talk to my man if he trying to ration the nuts and his penus all over town!

Below, my girl pontificates on, I don’t know, some other bullshit, but it whoo lord it gets FANTASTIC around 2:20 when she starts talking ’bout hangin’ 10 and the Boston Crab. The Boston Crab? Holla.

And finally…Ms. Tylor breaks it down like only she can let it be broke.  Girl, you got to be vigilant against the hot pee-nus, fo’ he ejaculate in yo’ brain and you cain’t protect yo’ self from the pee-nus power.

I ain’t trying to go down cuz of the penus power so I’ma be on the watchout and stay prayed up!!

Oooh…maybe my man done ejaculated all in my brain that’s why my mind ain’t right. Best believe I’m coppin’ that CD.

Whew…can’t even handle it.


5 Responses to “That Bitch Done Got The Crazy: Alexyss Tylor”

  1. sha mecca (okp) Says:


    so wait this is a show?? that airs regularly?? i thought that penus power shit was a one shot deal aw man i’m in tears

  2. connykate Says:

    I guess this was/is a show. I’m hitchin a UHaul to the A as we speak, though. I need to cure myself of the hot dick anyway.

  3. Khia Says:

    I’m glad you finally came around, now you must Pilot the Pussy! and never get dickmatized again… See you on the Sparks side…

  4. connykate Says:

    Christ, never say Sparks to me again.

  5. david bynum Says:

    Where has she been all of my life

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