Pass That Ghey


Ooooh, chile, let the black woman hysteria commence! Get ready to fan yo’ self with yo hat, get yo’ neck roll and finger-snapping game straight, and start workin’ those lip muscles to spout “Holy Jesus!” every three seconds ‘cuz it is on!

Bill Duke, a prominent negro of some sort, is turning black male bisexuality, a completely benign sexual identity when assumed by responsible people, into a whole gay negro witch-hunting empire. The movie, Invisible, is in the same vein as those god-awful books about how certain black men kick it with the homies a bit tooo closely and how these same men are married to every good, clean, Christian black woman in America and are infecting this army of loyal negresses with the gay cancer (or AIDS if you want to be all new millenium about it).

What the crack!?!? Who funded this? Sistah Gurl Gon’ Work Out My Naps And Fry My Chicken Inc? You know what, if black people would just let our men get their gay on without harassing the bejeezus outta them they wouldn’t be creepin’ with Lamar and Tyrell  in the nighttime hours anyway. And why the hell are we so goddamn paranoid anyway? If yo’ man likes the dick, tell him to go chase the dick, turn off the Kelly Price and Waiting To Exhale and get yo’self some horny ass Puerto Rican or Arab or somebody who will be sure to fuck you till you pass out.

Yucky. When did black people get so wack? Didn’t we invent bamboo earrings, doggystyle and all the good music in the world? Now we’re just passin’ each other the HIV like a fatty in a truant teen’s basement. Gross.

You can watch the trailer and learn more about how to live your life in irrational fear courtesy of Bill Duke’s Up The Butt Horror Stories here.

I threw up a picture of Willi Ninja so you can see how a proper gay works it out.


2 Responses to “Pass That Ghey”

  1. exclusivelyexclusive Says:

    I read about this in a magazine today. Foolishness. People need to wear condoms and try their best to be safe. Spreading pandemonium with these types of books and films is counterproductive. I mean, what are you supposed to do: put your finger near your man’s a$$ and see if he recoils in fear or screams out in pleasure? How is one supposed to tell who is and isn’t on the DL? Serious foolishness.

  2. connykate Says:

    Yeah, people need lives. No joke.

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