That Bitch Done Got The Crazy: Beth Ditto


Yeah, I’m starting new category because it so real in these streets and these bitches need their own clickable category where I can make excessive foolishness easily available.

Beth Ditto. From The Gossip. The who? The fuckin’ aesthetically dykey so-and-sos who look like their best friend is a cow who farts glitter. I hated on them here.

And yes chile, isn’t this the most fantastic piece of poon you done ever seen? Don’t you just want to rub your face in it? Ok, I’m starting to disgust myself and this picture alone is greasing up my whole site so I’m gonna take five.

Thanks Beth for looking like you hook at the circus, giving handjobs for peanuts and snowcones. You’ve made this inaugural TBDGTC post truly special.

I jacked the shit out of these pics from DListed.


4 Responses to “That Bitch Done Got The Crazy: Beth Ditto”

  1. The Half-Breed Ho Says:

    These white children are a hot fuckin mess. I can’t even keep up.

  2. connykate Says:

    A lot of these children need to stay prayed up. That hot to trot one won’t be able to withstand the hot dick the way she gallavantin’ around bringing shame on her family.

    Poor Mr. and Mrs. Ditto.

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