Dear Corporate America,

Way to be mad late and ghey about the stylistic convergence of hip hop and skateboarder culture. Fine, maybe you didn’t see it coming because you’re crusty ol’ fogies caught in the hinterland of Middle America but yo, did you have to like make everything totally awkward and come up with the gayest, suck-my-ass term for this “new” development of cross-cultural marketing hybridization? SKURBAN???

Why? Eat a dick.



Entertainment Weekly has this rowdy piece on how hip hoppers like Pharrell also like to skateboard! Aaaaah! And they dress like skateboarders! Ooooh! But they’re still hip hop!! Whaaa?!??!!?

Honestly, this “revelation” is like your grandma running up to you like, “chiiiile…you know they got this new element called fire! We can cook us up meat fo’ we eat it! No more rubbin’ the steaks betwixt our thighs to get warmth!” (And if you’re granny is this senile you’ve got entertainment for days and are a lucky motherfucker).

Dammit, I can’t even finish this – fuck this post’s couch. Here’s some fool ass article about the discovery of negroes on decks. Maybe next week, I’ll discuss the phenomenon of water being wet.


7 Responses to “Skurban???”

  1. dc blip 2 Says:


  2. exclusivelyexclusive Says:

    “Maybe next week, I’ll discuss the phenomenon of water being wet.” I love you.

  3. seher Says:


  4. connykate Says:

    Yeah…fuck their couch.

  5. Jason Says:

    Good story – “Skurban Myth” – in Cleveland Scene:


  6. pb Says:

    Conny you may be the most ignorant fuck that has ever written an article. please never ever write again.

  7. connykate Says:

    Um…the rest of you understand that my name is not Entertainment Weekly, right?

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