“I Was There” Files: Klaxons & Bonde Do Role @ Transit


Sometimes a bitch needs a break and between all those too cool scenesters and rowdy-ass hipsters that infest New York, I needed a change of scenery. The Klaxons (my new play-husbands) had been DJing their brains out all last week in New York but chile, they were fuckin’ right in Philly.

I saw the children with Bonde Do Role and Soulwax and it was a time. Philly is like Woodstock to New York’s CBGBs — more love and freeness, less pretensions, more mugfuckers in general — shit was sweet. The DJ was killin’ it in between each set so it wasn’t all stop, wait for a band to set up, avoid people or make foolish small talk (“so…are your sneakers circa 1981 or 1982?”), suck the bejeezus out of your drink and then continue raging. This was amazing like, “Wow! The DJ is playing my favorite song! Wait, now, the band is on and they’re playing my other favorite song! Now the floor is covered with money, George Bush got a heart attack and God just declared everyday Friday!! Yay!!” And dancing! The children were dancing! Like shredding rugs and doing jigs! Bless their little bike messenger hearts.

Back to back music, adorable boys (yeah…if you were the guy in the Boston shirt and gold chain who made out with me for most of the show…um, what’s your name? Was it Jonathan? You looked like a Jonathan..) even Diplo showed up downstairs (allegedly though since I had at least three Sparks and Dora The Explorer could have been downstairs hoovering coke off the bar and I wouldn’t know). Row-dee.

Conny even met these adorable little blipsters from DC and one of them works for this rowdy-ass, you-need-this-in-your-life-yesterday clothing line. Dammit, I’m gonna even go so far as to call The Original David funkaaaaay. I don’t like t-shirts but these things make me wanna hump the designer.

Real people + real music = bomb ass weekend


7 Responses to ““I Was There” Files: Klaxons & Bonde Do Role @ Transit”

  1. dc blip 2 Says:

    thanks for the shoutout. the klaxons were nutz. we felt the same way about the philly vibe. no intentional pushing or shoving or nastiness at all.
    shouts to the bouncer big pun for the drinks. truly the city of brotherly lovin and some other unmentionable acts. your on my top 10 blog hitlist!!
    stay true.

    ooshtee aka s.

  2. connykate Says:

    Wait, wait wait, there was free likka!?!?!??! Ok…now I gotta go back to Phila every mother lovin’ weekend.

  3. dc blip 2 Says:

    if only we’d met u sooner downstairs, you would’ve been in on the action!!

  4. laluttefinale Says:

    Nice blog!

  5. connykate Says:

    Dammit!! I just had to be on African time…

  6. 6 ways to sunday Says:

    years later.. cause i never ever saw your blog before and happened to be searching for the night. i’m going to say that i live in the big up mnh and agree with you word for word. I WAS THERE TOO

  7. 6 ways to sunday Says:




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