For Real Though?


Guess who crawled out of the crack crypt? Aaaand guess who may need to crawl his ass back in? D’Angelo resurfaced today with a song on the ‘net called “Really Love.” Honestly this sounds like somebody impersonating D’Angelo. It’s like some hep cat in a Mad TV sketch all boppity boppin’ with cornrows and his shirt off, pecs glistening, playing rhythm and blues music ‘cuz that’s what the kids are into.

The fucking track is called “Really Love.” Why didn’t he just call it “I Don’t Give A Cot Damn,” or “I’m A Lazy Ho” or “I Need Tha Paper.”Illll D’Angelo. I’m not your friend no more.

Funny ‘cuz I was for serious jonesing for “The Root” off Voodoo but now my dreams of a night alone with some candles and a lil’ self-rub-a-dubbin’ to the sounds of Mr. Archer are shot to shit now that I know he’s a smooth jazz rock ho.  That’s not appetizing.

YBF alerted me to the foolishness.


5 Responses to “For Real Though?”

  1. tHe MiGhTy MoNs DeF Says:

    U damn right dude !!

    U betta check my website if U want da nu d’angelo bro !!!da french d’angelo !!

    Jus check da sounds and da voice…..

    U wont regret… !!

    peace & bless…

  2. DJ Collage Says:

    Yea, gotta agree wit u about this. The track never really comes together and the singing seems like an afterthought and I can’t really make out the words. Oh well…

  3. connykate Says:

    Yeah…mad sloppy and lazy. I hope this is just an outtake or something.

  4. exclusivelyexclusive Says:

    I’ma fraid to listen to this based on your description. How did D’Angelo go from a 12 pack to a crack attack? His demise is right up there with Lauren Hill’s meltdown. Just plain sad.

  5. connykate Says:

    It is!! I remember hearing (from gossipy industry insiders) that he’s really really on the cocaine and really insecure. Even when he was all fine it was like 200 situps every hour. Now that he’s all roly poly he doesn’t want to come out of the house. Which might explain why this sounds like it was recorded on Casio tape player in his mother’s garage.

    Oh, and Lauryn Hill – Ms. Hill – that bitch got the crazy, don’t even get me started on her.

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