Sa-Ra Got That Crack


Here’s the thing. I never really liked Sa-Ra. I fell for the hype but I was seriously turned off after hearing those My First Pro Tools, tech-ass beats from their earlier joints. They just seemed to spend mad time looking fresh, all space-age swagger and free sex — which is always a reason for unnecessary hate.

So when the children at Giant Step sent me the once-thought imaginary full length, The Hollywood Recordings, I did a little a jig but then sat down and remembered it was those disappointers Sa-Ra.

But chile…if they ain’t work it out on this latest disc. Who do these smoove chillun’ think they is? Who puts Kurupt and Erykah Badu on the same record? These fools brought back CNN!! As in Capone and mothereffin’ Noreaga!! Like, Noreaga’s still alive? What the crack? Plus this girl Rozzi Daime needs to have my children. She just sounds like she’s made up of glitter and liquid funk. Can’t handle it.

The children really came with some variety too. It’s not all dreamy bo-ho beats but also tons of for serious hip hop and other splaboo music that you can feel free to categorize. I haven’t felt this way about an album since Jneiro Jarel slipped under the radar with his truly dynamic Three Piece Puzzle.

Long story short, the children are doin’ it and Conny now has to eat her hatin’ ass words…or not…whatever.


2 Responses to “Sa-Ra Got That Crack”

  1. exclusivelyexclusive Says:

    Someone played me their song “Frequencies,” and while explicitly nasty for no good reason, I have to admit it was the bomb. Taz is craz-o, but I guess being crazy comes along with musical genius. I just hope Sa-Ra don’t become addicted to crack, crash their cars while high on cocaine, and then release weak-a$$ tracks over the Internet (or marry a Marley, spit out four kids, and perform wack tracks on the BET Awards). Le sigh.

  2. connykate Says:

    Le sigh — I’m officially biting that.

    Yeah, they’ll be maaaaad nasty for no reason. They have this song called “Bitch.” Chorus is like literally, you’re so fly, don’t be my wifey, be my bitch. Like, whoa.

    But yeah, the beats are crazy and it’s the unexpected guests (CNN, Kurupt) that really have the rowdy tracks. I endorse although I do look at them sideways sometimes…

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